Recipe For Horse Cookies , Flavor in Our Live – Horse Cookie Recipes

There are many horse cookie recipes. Basically, recipe for horse cookie is similar in one to another. We will find :

  • oatmeal, grain, bran, and molasses as basic ingredients
  • Some of them use chocolate or fruits

Horse Cookie Recipes – Health Flavor in Our Life

In other part of world, horse cookie is special dishes to honor guest. In cake stores, many kinds of this cookie are sold, even in luxury restaurant. To make it, some preparations are required. The preparation consists of ingredient and baking equipment.

On first place, we should have dry oatmeal. It can be bought in convenient store or cake shop. To get the best oatmeal, we make sure where the oatmeal come from. Since oatmeal and grain is important part in horse cookie recipes, we cannot choose low quality ingredients.

Besides oatmeal and grain, we can use bran and molasses. There are several optional ingredients such as lemon, strawberry, chocolate, etc. We choose based on our taste. When we prepare main cookie material, there are some additional parts to improve its flavor. They can be salt, sugar, or butter.

Ingredients :

Second step is mix basic ingredients in perfect ratio. Oatmeal, grain, bran, and molasses have ratio two, a half, three, and one respectively.

How to make it :

  1. Stir them up until they look completely cookie dough. We wait twenty minutes to keep dough in good condition. It will be ready to shape. The important thing in horse cookie is rough appearance. When we shape the cookie, oven is ready to bake.
  2. Clean baking tray and put cookie on it with paper.
  3. The temperature is approximately 170 Celsius. The last step is bake cookie for seven to nine minutes. When time’s up, horse cookie recipe is done to be applied.
Recipe For Horse Cookies

Recipe For Horse Cookies


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