A Brief History Of Smoothies – Everything You Need To Know!

Nothing beats a cold creamy smoothie on a warm sunny day. However, have you ever wondered how these smoothies came to be? Well on this page, your going to learn about the history of smoothies and how they have developed over time.

The History Of Smoothies



It is impossible to pinpoint when the first smoothie was actually made. Numerous cultures have created drinks from crushed fruit for hundreds of years. However, it is only until much more recent times that the smoothie, as we know it, was created.

The history of smoothies is closely linked to the development of blenders as it is very hard for one to exist without the other. Stephen Poplawski was the owner of Stevens Electric Company. and in 1919 he started to design drink mixers. He patented the drink mixer in 1922. However, these drink mixers were not very powerful and could only be used to create milkshakes and soda fountains.

Then came along Fred Osius, who took Poplawski’s idea of a drink mixer and improved it so it was capable to mix fruit (to create smoothies similar to those we have today.) However, Osius blender was not very popular and therefore he asked the musician Fred Waring to promote this machine under the name the “Miracle Mixer.” The Miracle Mixer was put in supermarkets in 1933.

Of course, being the first of its kind, this blender had some problems…

Therefore, Fred Waring, an individual who helped Osius build the Miracle Mixer, created his own blender in 1937 known as the “Waring Blendor” (yes, I spelt that right.) It was the Waring Blendor that popularized the smoothie throughout the 1940’s.

But, as blenders became more popular, competition in the market started to increase.

W.G Barnard, the founder of Vitamix, created his own Blender called “The Blender” (yeah, he thought long and hard about that name.) There were very few differences between the “Waring Blendor” and “The Blender” apart from “The Blender” had a steel pitcher instead of a glass one.

It is also worth mentioning that in the 1930’s, refrigerators began to become more popular. Therefore, with the blender and refrigerators coming into fruition, the smoothie also began to be more popular in the 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s.

Steve Kuhnau founded Smoothie King in 1973. He was one of the first people to realise how much potential smoothies had in bettering every day lives. He added ingredients such as protein powder, vitamins and yogurt into his smoothies. Over the next 30 years, Smoothie King grew very quickly. It opened up new places to drink smoothies and made the vocable “smoothie” a common word. It also kickstarted the spread of smoothies into restaurants and health stores, causing large cooperations to create pre-bottled smoothies.

Today, we are able to drink almost any kind of smoothie we want no matter who we are and where we are from.

When Was The First Smoothie Ever Made?

So the smoothie is not something that was created by Smoothie King! In fact, ancient cultures used to crush up fruit, put it in a pot, add fruit juice and drink it. In South America, this drink was called the “fruit slush.” Because of this disparity, it is impossible to say when the first smoothie was actually made.

However, we can get a good idea on when the first modern smoothie was created. Two men, Julius Freed and Bill Hamlin, invented something called the “Orange Julius.” Julius Freed had a problem in his stomach where he was not able to handle the acidic juice from oranges.  Therefore, he added more fruit into his orange juice which made it thicker and more neutral. This was the birth of the Orange Julius. This drink caught on in America and became incredibly popular that people would queue up to simply buy one and shout “give me an orange, Julius!”

Where Did The Name “Smoothie” Come From?

The word “smoothie” has an ambiguous history.

The company Boweys Inc filed a trademark in 1936 on the name “old smoothie.” The trademark described and Old Smoothie as a “chocolate syrup for food purposes.” Then in 1959, a clothing company created a new trademark, under the name “smoothie.” However, when Mr Kuhnau setup his shop Smoothie King, that was the first time the word “smoothie” had been used to describe what we know as a “smoothie.”

The Definition Of Smoothies

One thing that always amuses me is looking at the definition of smoothies over time.

Take a look at these smoothie definitions over time:

Date: 1904
1. A smooth-tongued person
2. A person with polished manners b: One who behaves or performs with deftness, assurance, and easy competence; especially: a man with an ingratiating manner toward women.

Date 2015
1. A thick, smooth drink of fresh fruit pureed with milk, yogurt, or ice cream.

As you can see, the perception of a smoothie has changed and evolved overtime. However, I still think that a smoothie describing someone who is “smooth-toungued” is pretty awesome.

So, thanks for reading this far and I hope you learnt a little about the history of smoothies.

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