High Quality Blender Makes Mince Meat of Food Preparation

One of the biggest hesitations that people have when it comes to preparing fruit smoothies is the preparation. Did you find an awesome recipe for an apple, carrot, and orange smoothie? The preparation of the produce is a critical step for most blenders. After all, that apple is fairly large, and the orange holds itself together pretty well. Ahem.. you forgot the carrot. Are you really thinking that you can just drop that in that blender, put the lid on, and push the button?

I’m thinking at this point you should be checking the warranty of that blender sitting on your counter.. and the instruction booklet that came with it. I could have sworn that it said not to leave the machine running for more than a minute at a time or it will overheat. It is probably going to take a while to blend that wonderful recipe up.



Let’s talk about that food preparation. That apple is going to have to be cored and cut up. You may also want to consider peeling it. What a waste of nutrients that will be. The peel has so much goodness in it, and those seeds are little powerhouses of nutrition! Ah well…

We do want to peel the orange and depending on the blender, you may need to get as much of that white pith off of it as you can. And again you are needing to get the seeds out before you can add the orange sections to the blender. Perhaps you should invest in a citrus juicer if you want to use oranges very often. They are a much quicker way to extract the liquid, without the hassle. Unfortunately, you are again losing tons of nutrition from the white pith and the seeds.

Remember that wonderful carrot! We will need to chop that into small chunks to avoid burning up the motor. Hmmm.. that smoothie seems a bit gritty. That carrot didn’t quite blend all the way, did it?

There has got to be an easier way! Maybe it is time to take another look at blenders for smoothies and look at some of those high-quality blenders. There are a few brands out there that are designed to handle large chunks of food, and even blend up seeds! This high quality or commercial blenders are designed to handle tough foods like carrots, and allow you to achieve smooth and creamy results. They are designed to run at high speeds for several minutes at a time and are built to overcome the overheating problem.

If you are wanting to enjoy all kinds of smoothies, with all the nutrition intact, you may want to look into a better blender. Personally, my blender is a Vita-Mix. After all the abuse I have put it through with carrots, leafy greens, seeds, and nuts, I highly recommend it for getting smooth results every time!