Healthy Salad Recipes – Homemade Salad Dressing

My healthy salad recipes are super simple!

My healthy salad recipes will make your taste buds hum with pleasure! A delicious salad is all about fresh herbs, fresh vegetables and fruits, and a mouth-watering homemade salad dressing.

My Healthy Salad Recipes are Super Simple

Healthy Salad Recipes:

Tomato & Creamy Avocado Salad
Fresh Guacamole & Salsa Salad
Kale Avocado Sunflower Salad
Winter Citrus Salad
Easy Chicken Salad
Quick Egg Salad
Yummy Yam Salad
Simple Tuna Salad

A well-prepared salad can be sooooo satisfying! I’ll often enjoy one for dinner all by itself, especially in the summer months.

Like this Tomato & Creamy Avocado Salad:

Or my Fresh Guacamole & Salsa Salad:

For cold winter nights, I recommend these other favorite healthy salad recipes:

Kale-Avocado-Sunflower Salad:

Winter Citrus Salad:

For me, a big part of learning to eat healthy has been learning to appreciate the flavors of fresh raw fruits and vegetables. Nothing so well captures their tastes and textures like a fantastic salad.

I create all my free salad recipes in my own kitchen using only fresh, whole, unprocessed ingredients.

Sharing these healthy recipes with you has given me so much joy!

fresh tomato - Homemade Spaghetti Sauce Recipe

fresh tomato

Don’t miss my homemade salad dressing collection. All you need is a good blender, a handful of fresh ingredients, and a few minutes’ preparation time!


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This healthy snack recipe pairs beautifully with one of my quick easy smoothies!

How about my Precious Peach Smoothie?

Or this tasty Orange-Persimmon-Clementine Smoothie:

If you really wanna knock your socks off, pair it with my super fresh Pineapple Mango Soup:

You’ll LOVE these other easy recipes, including smoothies, soups and100% healthy and guilt-free desserts!

All of my dessert recipes are 100% guilt-free and delicious, made from fresh, simple ingredients.

100% Natural and Super Healthy Smoothie Recipes:

Easy Fruit Smoothie Recipes:

Healthy and Guilt Free Desserts (that you can even have for breakfast!):

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