Easy and Healthy Recipes for College Students

Easy and Healthy Recipes for College Students

Healthy recipes for college students are very many. It takes no time to make and it is very easy. College students need to keep their health by their own particularly for those who live in a boarding house that was far from their house. The recipe does not need much money as well, so it is good to save money by cooking healthy food as well.

To open up some healthy recipes for college students, the first recipe is creamy tomato and spinach pasta. This recipe is only taking for thirty minutes in the process. You can pick to get an instant pasta, tomato, and spinach. Firstly, you can cut up the tomato and spinach on the bite size. Then, heat up water to make the instant pasta. Take about three minutes to make the pasta, and add spinach and tomato. Wait for only about one minute. Dry the water out and place the pasta on the plate. Add seasoning from the instant pasta or you can also add salt and pepper to it. Now, the pasta is ready. Another kind of pasta includes sausage mushroom pasta. You can follow the same steps as the creamy tomato and spinach pasta, but change tomato and spinach into sausage mushroom.

Pasta,Recipes for College Students

Pasta, Recipes for College Students

The next healthy recipes for college students are vegetable soup and sweet potato chili. Vegetable soup is easy to be made and healthy to get your energy back instantly. You can buy one set of vegetable soup on the market, or just pick some vegetables that you like. Then, wait until the water boil and add the vegetables to the pot. Add salt, pepper, and fried onion if you like for more taste. For the next recipe, which is a sweet potato chili, you can buy some sweet potato and boil or roast it as you like it. To get the sweet potato even tastier, you can add Mexican chili or any other sauce on top of the sweet potato.

Those are some easy recipes, which you can try out at home. You can also store the leftovers in your refrigerator if you have some, so you can only heat it when you feel hungry. This is a good way to save money and keep your body healthy at the same time. Those are easy recipes that do not cost much money either. Do not hesitate and try out those healthy recipes for college students.

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