Healthy Meals to Lose Weight without Lose the Taste

Sometimes, it is so hard to create healthy meals to lose weight in the daily time. We will need to choose the specific material and best way of cooking method to release this stuff. If I were you, of course it is better to find the recipes here. All the recipes for lose weight are already prepared with low calories material. When the food is done, it will also have very low calories. It will match your need to reduce calorie amount for your daily meals. Well, you can try a food which is called as pulled pork with the finish of bourbon peach barbeque sauce.

Healthy Meals to Lose Weight without Lose the Taste


healthy meals to lose weight

As you know, this menu will be cooked through slow cooker. It means that you need to prepare a long day for enjoying this delicious and tasteful meal. Although it performs a very delicious taste, it is still the part of healthy meals to lose weight. After preparing some ingredients such as Spanish smoked paprika, chicken stock, bone in pork shoulder roast and some other seasoning needs, you can start to reveal all its cooking sequences.

Healthy-Meals-to Lose-Weight

Healthy-Meals-to Lose-Weight

Maybe it seems complicated. But all the steps are pretty easy even for someone who is never made a meal for lose weight.

You can start the making of healthy meals to lose weight by heating the large skillet on the medium high heat. It should be combined with the other ingredients such as paprika, half spoon of salt as well as the black pepper. When all the items are combined, just rub it around the pork. To make it absorbed better, you can add the pork into the pan and cook it for about 10 minutes. The brown colors are the sign that the pork is ready to be moved inside the 6 quart slow cooker.

After you are done with that, you can pour the seasoning mixture into the pork. It can be completed with the onion and garlic. These items will surely strengthen the taste of the food. After that, you can cover and cook them for about 6,5 hours. You will know that the food is finished when the pork is so tender. Then to prepare the bourbon, you can cook the mixture for about 10 minutes. Do not forget to add corn scratch and stir it constantly to get the best result for your healthy meals to lose weight. When it is done, you can toss it as the coat of the delicious pork.

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