Healthy and Delicious Green Smoothie Recipes

There are different benefits that a person could avail of, by the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Preparing juices of such eatables, only adds up to their flavor. Smoothies become delicious, with the addition of right amount of fruits and greens. It is very crucial to know what kind of fruits should be added and in what proportions, to avail of maximum health benefits. Loads of smoothie recipes are doing the rounds, on the internet today. It is very crucial to avail of those recipes, which offer unique taste, flavor ,and benefits. Green smoothie recipes are amongst such types of recipes.



So what is a green smoothie basically? The extremely easy smoothie simply requires your greens in its preparation. All you need to do is simply add up your favorite greens to the fruits and blend it up in a mixer or blender.

Out of the bag of green smoothie recipes, one could pick numerous recipes depending upon availability of greens. There is a basic green smoothie which is extremely easy to prepare. Almost all green smoothies follow the same preparation procedure. Creating a basic green smoothie requires 2 to 3 fruits. The fruits need to be first blended. This creates a fine base which requires the addition of greens. Greens like lettuce, spinach, coriander, wild greens, celery ,and parsley could be used. Water or ice could be added to liquefy the juice.

One of the green smoothie recipes requires the addition of spinach with big pears in order to produce a delectable smoothie. Of course, they should be blended together with ice for a unique and delicious taste. Spinach helps in building strong bones. It is also considered good for digestion. It retains large amount of calcium, vitamins ,and minerals. No wonder Popeye craved for spinach. By mixing it with a fruit in a juice assists a person in availing of maximum health benefits. Other greens include lettuces which are also an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. They could also be easily blended, with any desired fruit and be consumed in the liquid form. Some of the greens are good for the blood too. (see also : how to use a juicer)

Green smoothie recipes offer high sources of energy. They provide enough energy to carry on different tasks without succumbing to fatigue. Consuming a green smoothie acts as a complete diet. One could have a glass of green smoothie in the morning or dusk depending upon one’s wish. While preparing a green smoothie, with the aid of green smoothie recipes, it is very crucial to remember several important points. One should give maximum care while selecting the greens. One should avoid ending up, with a bitter taste, while preparing a smoothie. Proper fruit juices and essence or flavor could be added as per the consumer’s taste requirement. Green smoothies are considered to be one of the healthiest and nutritious meal of all times. It is very important to keep a proper proportion of fruits and greens in the smoothie. One should always try to use more than 60% greens to avail of maximum health benefits in a smoothie.


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