Healthy Broccoli Smoothie

As one of the vegetables that save a lot of health benefits, broccoli is often used to make green smoothies. However, making the smoothie from this kind of vegetable can be a miss as well. If a smoothie is supposed to give you smooth taste, broccoli smoothie may give you very gritty taste if you use the blender which is no match for the toughness texture of broccoli. You must want to get broccoli smoothie nutrients with good taste. But since you make it using the wrong way, it can even unleash the bitterness. This nutritious vegetable should be treated properly using the right procedure to make the best smoothie.

Broccoli Smoothie Recipe

Broccoli Smoothie Recipe

The Various Broccoli Smoothie Nutrients

Various nutrients are presented in this green vegetable. It is the very good source of some vitamin like vitamin C and A. Broccoli has the content of folate as well which is good for pregnant woman. In every cup of this green ingredient, it is already sufficient to fulfill daily allowance of folate as recommended as much as fourteen percent. Other broccoli smoothie nutrients are all kinds of vitamin B (except B12), potassium, phosphorus, dietary fiber, and copper. Moreover, it has antioxidants as good nutrient which is able to help to reduce some cancer risk.

Healthy Broccoli Smoothie Recipes

If you want to make broccoli smoothie recipe, you need to be aware of the composition of the ingredients for the smoothie. You need to add several additional ingredients, preferably the flavored ones, for your smoothie. It has to be done so as to balance the bitterness of broccoli if you only use it in your ingredients. Here is the list of ingredients you need to have and prepare in your kitchen in order to make broccoli smoothie:

  • 1 medium-sized and freshly peeled banana
  • 1 cup of fresh broccoli
  • 2 cups of fresh baby spinach
  • 1 ½ cups of freshly cut pineapples
  • 1 or 1 ½ cups of unsweetened non-fat milk or almond milk.

Well, after you have the ingredients all prepared in your kitchen, you are now ready to make broccoli smoothie for yourself. All you have to do next is doing the following instructions in order to make broccoli smoothie. First of all, you need to make sure that you pick the organic vegetables for ingredients as they are much healthier than the common vegetables you usually use. Wash them in a container with cool running water to rinse off all bad chemical compounds in them, such as pesticides or chemical fertilizer. In addition, do the process for several minutes. After that, peel the banana off its skin and make sure you use the fresh one as you might not want to use browned banana and make your smoothie look unappealing.

For the next step, you need to put all ingredients. They are the broccoli, baby spinach, a cup of milk, freshly peeled banana, and pineapples inside the blender. Turn on the blender and set it on low speed until they are perfectly mixed and smooth. Moreover, serve the smoothie immediately while it is fresh in the blender.

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