Healthy Breakfast Recipes – Easy Breakfast Food Recipes

My healthy breakfast recipes are a delicious way to start your day!

Incorporating healthy breakfast recipes into your life will be one of the best gifts you could ever give yourself! What you eat for breakfast sets the tone for your whole day.

Let me ask you this: Do you want to feel heavy and sluggish as you go about your day, or do you want to feel light and energetic? Healthy breakfast recipes are the key!

Get your taste buds ready for some SERIOUS flavor!

Healthy Breakfast Recipes:

Strawberry Macadamia Faux Yogurt:

Healthy Easy Recipe - Strawberry-Macadmia Faux

Healthy Easy Recipe – Strawberry-Macadmia Faux

Banana Power Breakfast Smoothie:

Think beyond bacon, sausage and waffles. Healthy breakfast foods will never come from a box or package.


Like Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice:

Chocolate Almond Smoothie:

If you eat a heavy breakfast comprised of dense foods, that’s how you’re going to feel for the rest of your day: HEAVY!

Not to mention, when you eat salted, sugared, complicated recipes, you set yourself up for hours of junk food cravings.

Salt, additives and complex food combinations trigger cravings for unhealthy foods and a constant “false” feeling of hunger. There are few nutrients in these foods, so no matter how much you eat, your body is going to keeping craving more food.

The solution: simple, elegant and easy breakfast recipes, from my kitchen to yours!

Try this Sweet Banana Custard:

Sweet Grapefruit & Mango Smoothie:

Toast & Jam Reimagined:

You want to eat healthy breakfast foods that are going to GIVE you energy, not take it away!

This is not difficult to do, once you find some healthy breakfast recipes you really enjoy and that you know your family will love.

Apple & Banana with Nut Butter:

Mango Orange Breakfast of the Gods:

Want some good news? You can have dessert for breakfast!

In my house, this is totally okay because my dessert recipes are 100% healthy, made from good, whole, fresh foods, and without any of the junk.

Like this Fat Free Blueberry Ice Cream:

Or my 100% Guilt Free Chocolate Mousse Parfait:

Or maybe this 3-Minute Banana Pudding gets your taste buds humming?

In fact, I encourage you to have a different dessert each morning this week! And wait til your kids try them! You can say bye-bye to sugary breakfast cereals.

My fruit smoothie recipes are divine! Smoothies are meant to showcase the natural flavors in fruits. For that reason, I leave out unnecessary and unhealthy ingredients like sorbet, ice cream, milk and powders, and I only use fresh, ripe fruits. You don’t even need to add water!

In a big rush in the morning? Try a Simple Banana Smoothie:

Or how about something more exotic? Say hello to my Papaya Cherry Orange Smoothie. YUM!

As a super healthy eater, I’ve found it to be wise to leave the heavier, denser foods like cooked proteins and cooked carbs for dinnertime.

When I do this, my energy soars throughout the day AND I lose weight!

The trick is in knowing some healthy AND delicious recipes for daytime eating. You HAVE to keep your taste buds entertained, otherwise, once they become bored, your old unhealthy favorites will suddenly seem attractive.


For more delicious and healthy breakfast recipes, click on any picture below to link to my collection of fruit smoothie recipes and easy, sugar-free breakfast desserts:

Healthy and Guilt Free Desserts (that you can even have for breakfast!):

Healthy and simple dessert recipes:

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