Halloween Cookie Recipes for Kids with Attractive Texture

Kids like to eat cookie, especially in Halloween. During this event, parent can buy cookie from store with various taste and form. Instead of buying, there is Halloween recipe that can be applied at home. Parents are able to cook together with kids to create their favorite cookie. This activity will improve bounding and family relationship.



Major ingredients and methods to create Halloween cookie are similar to common one. The only different is finishing touch. Halloween cookie is more appealing with unique decoration to attract kids.

Ingredients are :  butter, egg, sugar, flour, vanilla, salt, and baking powder.

How to make it :

  1. Firstly, mix flour, sugar, butter, and baking powder. After mixture looks rough texture, add egg and vanilla. You may put cinnamon or pepper, but depend on your preference. At first mixing, use high speed mixer to blend perfectly. You reduce speed slowly until dough is smooth and firm.
  2. Prepare baking tray with aluminum foil or parchment paper. Take small portion of dough using spoon and create several shape. You need to press dough to increase firmness. Put on baking tray then repeat previous process again. After all of dough turn into small pieces, put baking tray into oven. Keep temperature at 200 Celsius.
  3. For decoration, you can several ingredients such as cream, icing, sprinkle liquid, etc. After five to ten minutes, dough turn into golden color. Pull out baking soda from oven. Let cookie to cool down for moment. You can decor with various design based on Halloween theme. This activity will keep kids occupied. Before storing, make sure decoration is completely dried.
  4. Cookie has long durability compare to regular cake. You can save cookie until three days after baking. Store it inside airtight jar or compartment. For sugar, brown and white are suitable for cookie. You can use both or only one. Therefore, cookie is ready to eat during Halloween night.


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