Guava Juice Benefits

Guava juice benefits are very important to know especially for those who love the Guava juice. Fruits and vegetables are very popular in our minds about the benefits contained therein. Essential nutrients are necessary for health and met the needs of our daily lives, especially vitamins and antioxidants. Of the many fruits that provide nutrition for the health of our bodies is one guava fruit that is rich in benefits, lucky for you that always consume this guava fruit juice.

health benefits of guava

health benefits of guava

Guava fruit consists of two types, there is a white meat and there are red and have small seeds. “Guava juice benefits” very much so to make guava fruit is much liked and then the price of fruit is not expensive. Guava juice is rich in vitamin C and other content such as potassium, calcium, folic acid, iron, vitamins A, B, vitamin E and nicotinic acid. Nutrients are essential for our body and add a lot of guava juice benefits.

Guava found in many Asian countries, and they usually consumed in juice form though so Guava can be eaten up by the seeds alone without being processed first. I like to eat this fruit either directly or created juice just a bit when made juice I do not need to add sugar, because for me is pretty sweet. In addition to guava juice benefits very much I also like the taste a delicious and refreshing.

Guava Juice Benefits Health

Below I describe some of the guava juice benefits which I found from various sources

Immune and endurance: Vitamin C is plentiful in the Guava juice can boost immunity, increase endurance, and rapidly resolve the infection. People who like to consume Guava will be hard hit by a cough, flu, fever and others. The fruit is also useful as a disinfectant and smooth breathing.

Cholesterol-Weight Loss: Guava juice is believed beneficial to reduce excessive cholesterol in the body, because of guava juice containing pectin and fiber which meets the nutritional needs of the vitamin. Guava juice benefits can be obtained by consuming 400 grams of this juice every day. By consuming Guava juice, can help the hungry or eating too much.

Treating Constipation: The fibers are found in Guava can function for large and perfect laxative bowel excretion process. Thus, among the many “Guava juice benefits”, another benefit is to treat constipation or digestion.

Overcoming High Blood Pressure-Hypertension: Guava contains potassium, fiber and hypoglycemic useful for lowering high blood pressure or hypertension by regulating blood fluidity. The content is also useful to maintain a stable heart rate, smooth delivery of other nutrients to body cells and activates muscle contraction.

Prevent Aging and Smooth Skin: In a study found that the Guava Juice maintains the youthfulness of skin for women who consumed more vitamin C than other women. Because Vitamin C is found in guava juice is useful to improve the production of collagen. Guava juice benefits were found that the nutrients found in fruits can treat acne on the face and treat skin diseases like scabies.

Antioxidant prevention of cancer: Lycopene is found in guava fruit, useful as an antioxidant that prevents us from the possibility of prostate cancer, reduces the risk of tumors and is believed to inhibit breast cancer cells.

Cure Diabetes: Guava juice benefits for people with diabetes by drinking boiled water with a Guava tree leaves lowers blood glucose levels.

Cure Thrush: Vitamin C is widely available in Guava, can keep and launch performance of capillaries, prevent and treat mouth sores, prevent anemia, health gums and teeth and prevent tooth loss.

Guava has been popular as a fruit rich in benefits and nutrients essential for health. You will be very easy to get this fruit, whether in the form of fresh raw fruit or in the form of guava juice, and the price is very cheap. Benefits contained in the guava are not lost by other fruits and this makes it very special. Other benefits from this Guava is waging menstruation, treat asthma, lung tightness, poor blood launched and still many other benefits which are still mysteries.So, how do you already feel the guava juice benefits?

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