Milky Ground Beef and Pasta Recipes

Milky Ground Beef and Pasta Recipes

Are you pasta lovers? If you like pasta and beef so much, you can try to make ground beef and pasta recipes at home. This recipe is actually easy to cook by following some order steps. The combination of pasta and ground beef create a milky and salty taste which will never be forgotten on your tongue. To make the beef and pasta recipe, here are some things needed.

ground beef and pasta recipes

ground beef and pasta recipes

Ingredients of Ground Beef and Pasta Recipes

Before cooking ground beef and pasta recipe, it needs to consider the time needed. The time to cook is about 38 minutes. The preparation takes 10 minutes and cooking time is 28 minutes. It needs to have a good preparation. You should prepare several ingredients needed. They include 1 kilogram of ground beef without fats, 8 ounces of fresh mushroom, vegetable oil, garlic, tomato, basil, water, Italian spicy, salt, pepper, ravioli cheese, and mozzarella cheese. Those ingredients should be in the right dose so that it can create the most delicious ground beef and pasta recipes. It is important to find the fresh ingredients. Do not select the bad quality ingredients to cook this pasta because it influences the taste of the beef and pasta recipe.

Steps of Making Ground Beef and Pasta Recipes

After preparing ingredients and things needed, then, you should be ready to conduct several steps of making ground beef and pasta recipes. Firstly, it cooks ground beef into the oven. Set the flame on medium to the high level to get the cooked ground beef. After it cooked, it needs to crush the ground beef smoothly. Make sure that it is very smooth so that it has perfect texture to make ground beef and pasta. Separate the ground beef. To keep cleanliness, it is good to dust the oven clearly. Then, it needs to fry garlic and mushroom in hot oil in the medium level of flame for eight minutes and until it cooked enough. Add garlic and fry it for a minute. After that, stir the ground beef, pasta sauce, a cup of water and salt. You should wait for it for while until it boiled. It is necessary to make sure that pasta sauce is boiled perfectly. The pasta sauce determines the taste of ground beef and pasta. After the pasta is boiled, it adds ravioli cheese. It is better to reduce heat to the low level of flame. Cover the pan and boil it for eight to ten minutes. Stir it well. Then, pour it into a bowl and ready to serve.

Simple Cooking for the Recipe with Ground Beef and Pasta

Italian food is something that everyone cannot resist. Pasta combined with ground beef will make excellent cuisine for dinner. There are many recipes, but simple cooking is enough to fulfill the expectation. The ingredients are ground beef, tomato, tomato sauce, penne, mushroom, mozzarella cheese. Ground beef is 1/2 lbs or more depends on your preference. For two meals, such amount is enough. You may need more beef for the small party at home. Penne is the paste that looks like the tube. It is also called mostaccioli and in uncooked form. Besides tomato sauce, garlic and basil are the other seasonings. Prepare mushroom in sliced form and drained. All of them are the preliminary condition for ingredients. The next step is cooking.

How to make Simple Recipes with Ground Beef and Pasta

Firstly, cook pasta for few minutes then drains it. Put aside for the moment then go to the second step. Secondly, prepare skilled then cook ground beef, tomato sauce, mushroom, tomato, and garlic. Use vegetable or olive oil to get brown color. Next, mix ground beef and pasta. Stir them until they blend completely. Cooking is about ten minutes or more depends on how much beef you use. Prepare baking tray then spread this mixture.

Prepare oven in 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Put beef into the oven and bake for about ten to fifteen minutes. After that, spread cheese on the top of beef then put into the oven again. Baking for another five minutes until the cheese is melted. Be careful when spreading cheese at the top of beef. Make sure you spread it equally in order to get the perfect melting result.

Simple Ground Beef and Pasta Recipes

Simple Ground Beef and Pasta Recipes

Cooking process takes less than one hour, but you should put concern on preparation. There are many pasta products at stores. This recipe can use any brand or form to give more variations. You may use spaghetti sauce as additional seasoning. Besides, black pepper and salt are also good to improve the flavor.

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