Green Vegetable Juice

Children and adults should drink green vegetable juice along with meals because it is so nutritious! The high amounts of antioxidants and other nutrients help build strong healthy bodies. Children need meals that are healthy, and vegetable juice is loaded with lots of these good things. Parents can take a thermos full of the green stuff for when they go to school, and they can share it with friends whose parents want their kids to eat green leafy vegetables but don’t know how to get the kids to cooperate. Straining the juice removes the pulp, and kids won’t complain, even though it’s good for them. Add some chocolate (did I say yuck!), and you’ll have a high energy drink that rocket powers those kids all day! They’ll be so worn out when they get home, they’ll collapse from a heart attack! Adults also benefit from a lifestyle that includes daily intake of vegetable juice.

vegetable green juice - carrot juice

vegetable green juice – carrot juice

Juice tastes good and the essential vitamins and minerals contained in vegetables aren’t lost by processing in a juicer. Whether consumed for breakfast, lunch or dinner, studies have shown that the person who drinks vegetable juice that contains large amounts of antioxidants reduces his chance of heart disease, stroke, and cancer. Of course, the smart individual will help himself avoid disease by including regular exercise while maintaining a good diet. Juicers should be cleaned by washing after being used to remove sources of bacteria. But when it comes to colon health, bacteria promoted by juice made from green leafy vegetables are beneficial.

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There are an abundant number of recipes to spice up fresh vegetable juice. The foundation for healthy vegetable juice consists of dark green vegetables. Spinach, asparagus, kale, collard greens, mustard greens are full of nutritional value. But don’t stop with just the dark ones. Lettuce, string beans, endive, cauliflower, cabbage, and bok choy are also popular. Tomatoes, endive, and escarole are also easy to use and delicious. But one notable exception is carrot juice, a delicious vegetable that is not green (maybe because the root grows underground where it doesn’t need chlorophyll). There are other ingredients that include herbs, spices, sugar, seeds, nuts, and fruits. Sunflower and poppy seeds, when broken up in a food processor, add a nice nutty flavor.

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