Spinach and Green Tea Smoothie for Weight Loss

Spinach & Green Tea Smoothie Nutrients You Need to Know

On a hot day when a cup of steaming coffee would not do good to quench your thirst, a glass of cold drink may a better idea. Why not making a glass of cold healthy snootiest instead? A glass of spinach and green tea smoothies may be? It’s simple and nutritious. The spinach & green tea smoothie nutrients are abundant as well. Find banana, green grapes, fresh spinach (1/2 cup each), 2 teaspoon of honey, 1 cup of ice cubes and, of course, the green tea (1 cup, brewed and cooled). Blend all the ingredients until smooth. Serve it immediately under the shade in your hot day.

The recipe is so simple. It’s a kind of throwing all kind of healthiness into one pot and turn into greenish yumminess. Moreover, spinach & green tea smoothie nutrients have really great benefits for your health. Take the green tea for example. It’s good for your cardiovascular system, your heart, stabilizing blood pressure, and increasing the immune system. If you are on a diet, you may also take advantages of the tea as it also helps to reduce the weight. Furthermore, the high content of antioxidant in it is a great help to fight certain cancers.

Spinach and Green Tea Smoothie

Spinach and Green Tea Smoothie

Moreover, spinach & green tea smoothie nutrients are also great sources of nutrient which are beneficial for your body. The fibers are also sources of the health benefits. If your smoothie is foamy, that’s the signs of insoluble fiber in it. You could get rid of it if you are not like it by blending the smoothie again for about 15 seconds in low speed. You can also use frozen green and fruits to prevent the foaming. Smoothie is not only quenching your thirst, but it can also help to energize you for daily activities. So, if you want to have a fresh drink and fresh body simultaneously, you may try a glass of smoothie.

Spinach & Green Tea Smoothie for Weight Loss as Healthy Diet

Consuming smoothie in the morning will reduce heavy task for the digestive system. You can make a smoothie from green tea and spinach which is healthier and tasteful. Smoothie is different from juice because it is thicker and rawer without filtration. To create this smoothie, you need ingredients such as green tea, spinach, honey, grape, and cold water. The process consists of two steps. You create green tea then combine into all of the ingredients.

spinach green tea smoothie

spinach green tea smoothie

  1. First, prepare dried green tea. Put into boiling water then wait for ten minutes. Second, remove solution then keep the tea as hot as possible. You can use tea bag with green tea as ingredients. Put aside green tea then move to the next step.
  2. Prepare a bowl of raw spinach. The amount of smoothie depends on your preference. Spinach might be more or less to fit your needs. Prepare blender and cold water. Put spinach and little cold water in the blender then add grape and honey. Some people do not like the fresh scent of spinach, so honey or grape is a good choice. You can add ginger or clove if possible. Blend all of them until completely mix into single mixture.
  3. After that, pour green tea into a blender. Blend for one minute. If you want to make the strong tea, the scent of the green tea will be very delicious.


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