10 Simple Homemade Green Juice Recipes for Beginners

10 Green Juice Recipes for Beginners with High Nutritional Value

It’s easy to make your own healthy green juice at home. Not only will you save money, you get more nutrition punch than from store bought juices. Commercial bottled green juice undergoes pasteurization to kill harmful microbes but the process itself also destroys the beneficial enzymes, minerals, and vitamins. Freshly juiced drinks from restaurants and health food stores are the best bet but they’re expensive. Why not learn to make your own? Best yet, you’ll learn how to make your own green juice recipe for weight loss and become an expert juicer yourself. It’s simple and easy. Depending on how you prefer to juice your vegetables and fruits, by blender or juicer, preparation and clean up time is fast.

green juice recipe for weight loss

green juice recipe for weight loss

Making Your Own Green Juice

Aside from saving money by making your own green juice recipes for detox, you will become your own health teacher. You will learn what ingredients your body agrees with and which ingredients aren’t suitable for you. For example, some people can not have too much kale due to existing health condition and others can not have too much celery because of their weak constitution otherwise, they will get watery stools. When you make your own green juice, you stay in tune with how your body responds. You become your own juicing expert.

green juice recipes for beginners,green juice recipes for blender

green juice recipes for beginners,green juice recipes for blender

In this article, we are going to talk about 10 green juice recipes for beginners. The recipe is not an only delicious but also healthy.

  1. Pineapple and Kale Juice

The first juice in the list of 10 green juice recipes for beginners starts with pineapple and kale juice. Consuming pineapple juice is good for your body. Combine it with kale will improve the health benefit significantly. For the beginner, you will need a handful of kale leaves along with its stem, cucumber, parsley, and definitely pineapple. This recipe will require medium-sized apple as well. If you are running out of parsley, cilantro is a good alternative for it. For those of you who do not like the bitterness of the kale, you can reduce the amount of it. Few leaves of kale will do just fine for the recipe.

  1. Refreshing Apple Juice

As part of 10 green juice recipe for skin, apple juice is considered as popular juice. Aside from apple, you will need lemon, celery, carrot, parsley, and mint. Both carrot and celery will make it healthy green juice. Meanwhile, the apple, lemon, and mint will improve its taste. It should come as surprise when it is recommended to give refreshing sensation. If you prefer the juice to be more refreshing, you can use up to eight stems of mint leaves. The best part about this refreshing juice recipe is its great flavor. You will be energized for over two hours.

  1. Minty Spinach Juice,Green Spinach Juice For Weight Loss

You cannot deny that involving mint in the green juice spinach will improve its refreshing taste. The minty spinach juice is a perfect recipe to involve mint. In this recipe, you will need one bunch of spinach. It should be approximately six cups. You will also need an apple, lemon, orange, ginger, and the handful of mint leaves. For the apple, it is advisable to use a yellow variation. Unpeeled lemon is also advisable as well. This minty spinach juice recipe is highly recommended for people who are recovering from flu or cold. Spinach is not only rich in nutritional value but also having a good health benefit as well.

green spinach juice recipe for weight loss

green spinach juice recipe for weight loss

  1. Delicious Vegetable Juice

Most people think that vegetable juice is not delicious. The following recipe will tell you otherwise. It is listed as 10 green juice recipes for beginners since it is easy to make. Most importantly, it is able to convert vegetables into delicious juice. You will need kale, celery, cucumber, lemon, apple, and ginger. Lemon and ginger are used to improve its flavor. For some people, the flavor of ginger is too strong. Reduce the amount of ginger if you find it too strong for you as well. Meanwhile, the apple used in the recipe will sweeten the taste of the juice. This juice is rich of nutrition.

  1. Powerful Spinach Juice

Spinach is a secret ingredient that is able to make Popeye strong and powerful. Despite it is the fictional idea, spinach does contain the high amount of nutritional value. You can take advantage of this nutritional value by adding spinach into juice recipe. In order to create powerful spinach juice, you will also need lemon, apple, ginger, Italian cucumber, lettuce, and garlic cloves. Garlic cloves here are optional. Feel free to scratch it out from the list if you do not feel like it. Garlic cloves are added to the recipe in order to support the spinach health benefits. Use unpeeled lemon for this recipe to improve its flavor.

  1. Morning Juice

The list of 10 green juice recipes for beginners also contains the juice that you can consume in the morning. Morning is considered as a good time to consume juice since your body absorb nutrient better at this time. The recipe for this morning juice is including carrot, celery, lemon, and apple. Optionally, you can also use ginger as well. However, since people have trouble with consuming strong juice in the morning, you might want to opt it out from the recipe. Aside from apple, Macintosh is a recommended alternative for the complementary ingredient on this recipe. The juice is mostly orange with the green hint.

  1. Rehydrating Juice

The main reason why people consume juice is to rehydrate their body. In this case, you can use this rehydrating juice recipe. The ingredient for this juice is relatively simple. The main ingredients are including Italian cucumber, lime, and tomatoes. In order to make this green juice healthier, you will also need spinach and cilantro. The alternative for cilantro is parsley. You will need the handful of those green vegetables. Plenty of people like this rehydrating juice due to a combination of lime and tomato. The juice mostly comes from both of them. This juice is highly recommended for hot days.

  1. Red-Green Juice

Compared to most juices in the list of 10 green juice recipes for beginners, this juice has unique recipe. The red color of the juice comes from the beet used in the ingredient. Aside from beet, it will also need lime, celery, apple, and parsley. If you want to make it taste stronger, you can add ginger into it. Meanwhile, for the apple, you can use any types of apple. Granny smith is not recommended for this recipe. The nutrition of beet will promote your health. The apple is able to reduce the amount of cholesterol in your body as well.

  1. Juice for Smooth Skin

The list of 10 green juice recipes for beginners continues with particular juice that is able to make your skin smooth. Of course, you will need special ingredient for it. The recipe contains Heirloom tomato, green pepper, Persian cucumber, Italian cucumber, romaine lettuce, and lemon. As you can see, it involves some vegetables. If you want to cover the taste of those vegetables, you can add few leaves of mint in the recipe. With tomato and different variety of cucumber, it should taste sweet. Aside from promoting smooth skin condition, this juice recipe is also good as antioxidant as well.

green juice recipe for skin, kiwi juice

green juice recipe for skin, kiwi juice

  1. Green Goddess Juice

An end of 10 green juice recipes for beginners list, we have the juice called as green goddess a . The vegetables used for this recipe are including kale, spinach, and mint. Meanwhile, for the fruits, you will need strawberry, lime, and apple. Granny smith is the recommended variety of apple for this recipe. For those of you who prefer green juice with a stronger taste, you will need to add ginger to the recipe. When you want to consume it on hot days, you can serve this juice with ice cubes. Most people like this juice due to the sweet flavor of the strawberry.

Your Own Routine

Millions of people have taken up juicing. As a matter of fact, it has become a daily routine for some to begin their day with a glass of healthy green juice. You create your own routine and see how green juice improves your health.

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