Grapefruit Calories

Before we reveal how many grapefruit calories are in a grapefruit lets first find out more about this fruit. It is interesting how the name grapefruit came about. The grapefruit gets its name from the way it grows. It is formed in clusters on grapefruit trees just like grapes. The plant is evergreen and it grows up to 15m. The fruit has an average weight of 150 grams. Some varieties are seedless while others have white sickle-like seeds. Grapefruit was first found in the Caribbean and was later introduced to Florida. Florida, now, is the largest producer of the fruit to date.

The grapefruit is found in various sizes and colors. It comes in red, pink and white. It is in the same family with oranges. The grapefruit contains citric acid and so has a characteristic bitter taste just like the orange. The fruit has been used in dieting and weight loss. However, we will not dwell on how grapefruit helps in weight loss but rather on a number of grapefruit calories. The calories in a Grapefruit are few. Both the red and the pink grapefruits have a higher percentage of calories when compared to the white ones. An entire pink or red grapefruit has 104 calories while the white one has only 78 calories. This is according to the USDA National Nutrient Database. Note that these figures are for medium sized ones. There are more calories in a grapefruit that is bigger.

calories in grapefruit

calories in grapefruit

When you go out to select grapefruits, the heavier grapefruits have more calories but they are also juicier. Those that are not brown in color or with uneven shades on the skin are the best you can choose from. Grapefruits can be served in wedges or they can be peeled just like oranges. They should be washed under cool running water just in case they have remnant pesticides on the skin. Consider washing before cutting the fruit to avoid transferring dirt or bacteria that could be on the surface

One cup of fresh grapefruit has 74 calories. The calories are sourced from carbohydrates. The same amount of grapefruit also has 18.6g of carbohydrates and it also contains 16.1g of sugars. It also contains 0.2g of fat and 1.4g of proteins.

Grapefruit can be said to be quite a nutritious fruit. It has vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. A cup contains 79.1mg of vitamin c and 2132 IU of vitamin A. Grapefruit has traces of soluble B vitamins like thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, B-6, and folate. It also contains elements like calcium, potassium, magnesium, and traces of iron, zinc, copper and selenium. It includes antioxidants like lycopene and lutein.

Grapefruit Calories According To Size

  • For a whole large grapefruit, there are about 106 calories
  • The medium sized grapefruit has about 80 calories.
  • A small grapefruit has about 64 calories.

Different fruits have a varying number of calories. If you compare a number of calories in grapefruits, which are about 33Kcal to those of tomatoes at 18Kcal, then you will see that grapefruits have a higher number of calories. The lemon, which has 29Kcal has less. Melons come in closely at 30Kcal. Limes have the same amount of calories as melons. Carambola has 2 fewer calories than grapefruit. Last but not least here, we have strawberries, which are 49 Kcal calories per cup of sliced berries.

Generally, the grapefruit can be classified to be one of the most nutritious fruits that can be found and the low number of grapefruit calories that they contain makes them a low-calorie addition to your menu plan.

How many calories in grapefruit juice? There are 96 calories for every eight ounces. It seems like a simple answer but when you consider the nutritional value of grapefruit and our culture obsession with calories and nutrition, it is a prudent question.

Impressive as that is, the good news is that the nutritional value far outweighs a number of calories in grapefruit juice. Grapefruit juice supplies 156% of Vitamin C, 400 mg of Potassium, 3% Iron, and 2% Calcium (percentages based on a 2000 calorie daily diet). It is without a doubt, a nutrient rich juice that is a great supplement to any diet.

The 96 calories in eight ounces of grapefruit juice would reap tremendous benefit for any food plan because of its potassium level; it supplies over 50% of the Recommended Daily Allowance of Vitamin C. It doesn’t matter if it is white grapefruit, ruby red grapefruit, and pink grapefruit, all kinds are a valuable food or juice product for everyone.

Grapefruit came on the scene in Barbados in the 18th century. It was known as a sub-tropical citrus fruit that was somewhat bitter. It gained significant prominence in the 1970s as part of the Grapefruit Diet.

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We can certainly say that that large round, pale yellow fruit has considerable value in our diet, especially if juiced. Juicing isn’t as difficult as it sounds. I, myself peel the fruit, quarter it and run it through my juicer. But for those that like convenience, you can purchase it canned or frozen at any local grocery store. There are specialty bars that sell freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, as well. A healthy and convenient snack whilst on the run. What is important to remember is that 96 calories are calories well spent. Especially considering the calories in grapefruit juice it is an excellent source for our nutritional needs.

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