German Food Recipes For Dinner

Centuries of socio-political variations and changes have contributed to the richness of German food recipes. The ingredients used and the dishes prepared vary from region to region within Germany itself. But over the last many years, German food recipes have spread across the world in different variations and secured a prime place in international cuisine.

Among the non-vegetarian German food recipes, pork, beef, and poultry are more popular. And, among poultry, chicken is consumed more compared to turkey, duck, and goose. Meat is usually pot-roasted more than it is pan-fried. Among fish foods trout, pike and carp take the pride of place. Common vegetables include carrots, spinach, beans, peas, turnips, cabbage, and broccoli. Vegetables are usually turned into stews or vegetable soups, although they are also served as side dishes.

The thick variety of German noodles made from wheat flour and egg is very popular. While mashed and pan-roasted potatoes are traditional items, potato noodles have also become popular in recent times. Most German food recipes are rarely hot and spicy. Mustard is a very common ingredient of sausages. Popular herbs and spices include thyme, parsley, laurel, juniper berries, caraway and black pepper. Cardamom, anise seed, and cinnamon find the place in sweet cakes or beverages. Basil, sage and hot chili peppers are popular nowadays.

Most desserts and cakes categorized within German food recipes make use of fruits such as apples, plums, cherries, and strawberries. A range of cakes and tarts, along with the special cheesecake, are popular throughout Germany. Bread, pastries, and rolls form an important part of German food. Breakfast mainly consists of bread, toast, cheese, jam, honey, eggs and coffee or tea. Ham and salted meats are also used. Traditionally, the main meal has been lunch; and dinner is always a smaller meal. German wine and Korn, a German spirit made from the malt are widely used drinks that accompany the items of the German food recipes.

German Apple Cake

German Apple Cake

Here are four simple items from the German food recipes which you may love to give a try:

  1. Kaes-Spaetzle – a traditional totally vegetarian item usually served with salad in sour dressing.
  2. German Apple Cake – a moist flavorful cake suitable for consumption during picnics and tours.
  3. German Potato Soup – a traditional favorite at family gatherings which comes with a variety of slight variations.
  4. Sue’s Reuben Sandwich – an easy to prepare delicious, light dinner, beef item.

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