Healthy Fruit Smoothies with Yogurt, Benefits and Recipes

Healthy Fruit Smoothies with Yogurt

Fruit smoothie recipes with yogurt might be really helpful for the one who like to make a smoothie recipe. Many people are so interesting to make a smoothie because of the benefits that they can get from it. A fruit smoothie is often advised for the one who wants to get a healthy skin. Do you know any other benefits from the fruit smoothie? What is the benefit of yogurt? How to make the fruit smoothie recipes? Here, we are going to tell you more about that below.

Benefits of yogurt smoothies

fruit smotthie with yogurt

fruit smoothie with yogurt

There are some benefits that people can get from the yogurt smoothies. Many people like to serve the yogurt smoothies because of its advantages that people can get. First, the taste of yogurt smoothies is so refreshing. People can use it as the desert. It can be used to replace pudding and even an ice cream. Then, the probiotics which are contained in the yogurt can be really useful for the diet program. Beneficial bacteria which are contained on the yogurt will help the digestive system. Many of them can tolerate yogurt, even though they cannot tolerate other dairy products. People can get the calcium and vitamin C from yogurt. The one who routinely consume a yogurt, they will have less of digestive disorders. Yogurt can nourish the gut and keep the body system running smoothly. How about the benefits of the fruit smoothies with yogurt? Well, people will get more vitamins if they make the fruit smoothies. Fruits rich in vitamins and mineral which are good for the health of our body. People will get more nutrition from this healthy beverages. The healthy smoothies will transfer vitamin which is a need for our skin. It can make our skin smooth, glow and not dry.

Make your own yogurt

People can make their own yogurt. They will get more advantages from making their own yogurt. By making the own yogurt, people can save money and use the money for the other necessity, such as fruit. People can use the fresh raw milk to make a yogurt, it contains good enzymes which might use for your body. Then, people need to prepare a starter. What is the starter? The starter is a thing which is needed to be added to the milk when making a yogurt. It contains the probiotic bacteria. People can buy the starter culture in the starter store which contains active yogurt cultures.

Recipe for yogurt smoothies

People can try to make the recipes for making the fruit yogurt smoothies. You can start to decide what kind of fruit that you want to use. Both frozen fruit and fresh fruit are interesting. Then, people can prepare the honey for the additional flavoring. To make it more interesting, you can prepare the ice cubes. Here, I am going to tell you about one of the recipes for making fruit smoothies with yogurt. What kind of fruit do you like? If you want to make the strawberry smoothies with yogurt. You only need to put the strawberries, yogurt, and ice cubes. Then you can blend them all and serve it. How about to make the mixed fruit smoothies with yogurt. Well, you can prepare the fresh fruit of strawberries, blueberries, peaches, apples and any other fruits. Then mixed them all into the blender. Put some of the ice cubes and the yogurt. Then, you have to blend and serve it. People can make their own recipes based on their imagination, flavor, and taste. The healthy beverages that they drink represent how healthy their bodies are. So, enjoy your smoothies now.

Finding the Best Recipe on How to Make a Smoothie with Yogurt

Smoothie with yogurt tastes creamy and tasty making you want to know steps on how to make a smoothie with yogurt. To make a fresh smoothie with yogurt, it is essential to consider several right steps and the best recipe. You have to understand better about high-quality fruits to increase taste levels of the smoothie. These are steps and two recipes of making the smoothie with yogurt.

  1. Strawberry Smoothie Recipe With Yogurt
  2. Strawberry and Banana Smoothie With Yogurt
  3. Vanilla Smoothie Recipe With Yogurt

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Healthy Strawberry Smoothies with Yogurt

Healthy strawberry smoothie yogurt can be practiced to get you drink the fresh and healthy smoothie. It also becomes the most popular diet smoothie in the world recently. There are several benefits that can be taken from this smoothie. It is useful to help weight loss, smooth the skin and reduce cholesterol. You can add yogurt to be the extra ingredient. To make this tasty smoothie, it is simple and easy. Here are several steps on how to make a smoothie with yogurt. It needs to prepare ingredients and everything needed. The ingredients are 10 fresh or frozen strawberries, 100 milliliters of low-fat milk, 100 ml of plain yogurt and ice cube. The use of ice cube is only optional. After preparing it, it is the time to make the healthy strawberry smoothie with yogurt. It prepares the blender and put all ingredients into the blender. After that, blend it until it is smooth. After it has finished, serve it. For healthier strawberry smoothie with yogurt, it is recommended to use plain yogurt.

Smoothie to Make Your Diet Runs Smoothly

Strawberry smoothie recipe with yogurt can be added to your diet menu. You may have this as your breakfast. Or, you might want to enjoy it in the afternoon before or after the lunch. All you need is an ability to mix the right amount of fruits and sweetener. Smoothies are better than having a bar of chocolate as your snack after the meal. It gives you fiber that supports good metabolism. Find your favorite fruits and search luscious recipes on the internet. What fruits are good for smoothies? You may have strawberry, mango, banana or avocado. Which one is your favorite?

Strawberry and berry smoothie for hot summer night

Rather than having chips of potatoes or cupcakes, you may have this strawberry and berry smoothie while enjoying an evening with your family.

  1. Prepare a cup full of berries and the strawberry with the same amount. You may have the frozen or fresh berries for this smoothie. The berries smoothie tends to be thick, that is why we need to mix milk and the yogurt first. A half of glass each is enough. To make your smoothie lighter, choose the right sweetener.
  2. Do not use sugar. Then, mix and blend the whole ingredients. Find more luscious recipes on the internet. Many websites or blogs provide good and healthy smoothie recipes.
Strawberry smoothie with yogurt

Strawberry smoothie with yogurt

You may consult it with your dietitian so that you will know how much and what kind of fruit you should have in order to modify your strawberry smoothie recipe with yogurt.

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Strawberry and banana smoothie yogurt for snack in lazy afternoon

You can mix some fruit in your smoothie. This time, let us mix the strawberry with banana. Do you like those fruits?

  1. Prepare a cup full of both fruits.  Chop them in the right size. Next, do you want your smoothie to be banana dominated or strawberry dominated? If you want the banana to be stronger in taste, then add more bananas.
  2. To make it easier, you may freeze those fruits first. You might not need sweetener anymore since both fruits are already sweet themselves. But, it depends on your taste. If you are on your diet, then having fewer sweeteners is a wise choice.
  3. Select the flavor of yoghurt. A lot of fat in the yogurt will make your smoothie richer in taste. And, you can blend them now in a blender. You may add some ice cubes or milk. Once again, it depends on your taste.
Strawberry and banana smoothie with yogurt

Strawberry and banana smoothie with yogurt


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Fresh Vanilla Smoothie with Yogurt

Vanilla Smoothie with Yogurt

Vanilla Smoothie with Yogurt

If you do not like sour taste from strawberry, it is better to find another smoothie with yogurt recipe. Fresh vanilla smoothie with yogurt can be a good alternative for giving freshness of smoothie. It needs to prepare some fresh ingredients so that it gives you good effects to your body. The ingredients needed are a Cavendish banana, a peach or apple, five frozen strawberries, two cups of vanilla yogurt, and a tablespoon of orange juice concentrate. Make sure that the apple or peach is cut into cubes. All ingredients have been ready well. It is the time to make the fresh vanilla smoothie with yogurt. Mix all ingredients in a blender. Then, blend it until it is smooth. After that, pour the smoothie into a decorative glass and adorn it beautifully. If you like the ice cube, it is allowed adding ice when it is blended. For those keeping the health of skin, this smoothie should be made at home. You do not only get freshness but it also contains lots of nutrition and benefits for the body.

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