How To Make Fresh Apple Juice

You have a ton of trees in your yard, producing a large number of apples year and year out like you have had something you could do with apples and not just those running over every time with the machine? Well if you ever had a taste of fresh apple juice before and would like to make your own, you are in luck, because you only what you need out in your yard to make the freshest, best apple juice flavor.

This article will give you the steps in the manufacture of apple juice on a basic level. The first step is to gather as many apples as possible to get a very good amount to work with. Usually, the best way to collect until apples are in plastic containers. The most common pail size we see today is 5 gallons, which is a nice amount of apples, to begin with. Fill as many containers as you can and then you can move onto the next step. The next step is optional for the basic apples making it easier to crush the apples. If you do not want to core the apples, which is very OK. When all have finished your apples, it is time to get the type of apple ready.

fresh apple juice

fresh apple juice

Press Apple must have a cloth that can be used as a filter that comes out of the press in a bucket or container of some sort under the press. This will remove any dirt and debris from the juice as it passes through the filter. While pressing the apples ever will see the amount of juice in the container you continue to grow as well. When you have a full container of apple juice, place it in the refrigerator to chill.

When you run out of apples, pick up more and continue the cycle again until it is out of apples, or too tired to press you anymore! When finished, you’ll have gallons and gallons of fresh, great tasting juice to serve fresh or freeze and save for later. The next time you’re wondering what to do with all those apples in the yard, you may make yourself fresh juice.

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