The fastest way to lose weight

The fastest way to lose weight is burning more calories than you eat that doesn’t mean you have to go on these popular starvation diets or soup diets where ‘they’ tell you to eat less or have tasteless and unappetizing meals because in a short period of time, ‘they’ promise, you will lose the weight very quickly though chances are you probably will, but for how long? You trick your body by starving it and your body will eventually retaliate. The minute you eat ‘normal’ food again, your body will immediately store it as fat and you will end up gaining twice as much. The trick is to combine exercise with good eating habits.Then with determination and hard work a healthy body mass is achievable.

fat buning foods

fat burning foods

What is the best diet to lose weight and most importantly, keep it off?  It is and always will be exercising, it’s the most effective way to beat the bulge; by building muscle, you burn calories even when you’re resting. Do not misunderstand my opposition to dieting, exercise and weight loss are most effective when accompanied by a good eating plan, obviously, you can not expect results without changes to your diet but it is a lifestyle change you want not a quick fix. There are no easy ways to get rich, you have to work hard and invest wisely. The same applies to your body and your health. Exercising your body and maintaining a good weight is your investment into longevity. Follow these important tips and exercises to lose weight and, most significantly, keep it off.

Exercise that gets your heart pumping and makes you work up a sweat are the best way to lose weight. Though it is incredibly difficult to begin exercising, it has so many benefits: it is an instant ‘pick me up’. It will boost your self-esteem because losing weight mean you look great and the increase in blood flow will do wonders for your skin. It helps you think clearly by helping reduce stress; it also improves your libido and boosts your immune system. What more motivation do you need? You start with basic exercises that aren’t too taxing e.g. Vigorous household chores then as your fitness levels increases your exercises should become more complex e.g. aerobics.

There are many different exercises to choose from for the fastest way to lose weight and itdepends entirely on your level of fitness or what your doctor recommends. Once you have made your choice, remember late afternoon or early in the evening is the best time to exercise and a good tip is to wear a black bin bag. Sounds weird, I know, but really effective at helping you lose weight while exercising, by making you sweat twice as much. Just cut the top of the packet big enough to put your head through and the sides to fit your arms through. Remember to put it on UNDER your clothes, and then aside from the rustling noise, you are good to go… So…don’t question, don’t think, just DO…