How to make an Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich

Here is how to make an Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich!
And for enough to make Egg Sandwiches

You’ll love my homemade mayonnaise recipe

you’ll need

The Ingredients :

  • a few tablespoons of Mayo
  • a handful of Watercress
  • two Eggs
  • one Spring Onion
  • some Pepper to season
  • and some nice crisp White Bread.

We’re going to start by cooking the Eggs,

Directions :

  1. put a pan on the hob and bring the water to boiling point.
  2. Then really carefully lower the Eggs into the water and leave to hard boil for minutes.
  3. After minutes take your pan off the hob then carefully remove your Eggs from the hot water. Then rinse them under the tap for a minute or so to make sure they don’t cook any further.
  4. Put the Eggs to one side to cool even further,then in the meantime we can prepare the Spring Onions by finely chopping with a sharp knife.
  5. We can also prepare the Watercress by roughly chopping with a knife or a mezzaluna.
  6. Now, put the Watercress and Spring Onion to one side, and once the eggs have cooled a little bit more we then need to remove the shell. So tap the Eggs on a hard surface a few times then remove the rest of the shell. Do this for both Eggs then put them in a bowl and start mashing with a folk.
  7. Once the Eggs are fairly well mashed up,add in the Watercress and Spring Onions, and the – tablespoons of Mayonnaise.Now thoroughly stir everything together and be sure to add some Pepper for seasoning as well until it resembles an Egg Mayonnaise mixture.
egg mayonnaise sandwich

egg mayonnaise sandwich

Then simply spread the Egg Mayonnaise mixture onto your fresh white slices of Bread. Top your sandwich off with another slice of Bread, cut it into squares,and then enjoy your Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich!