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My easy desserts are delicious and guilt-free!

My easy desserts are like no other, because not only are they flavorful and easy to make, but they’re also super healthy! Healthy dessert recipes, in fact, are a specialty of mine.

My easy desserts are like no other, because not only are they delicious and easy to make, but they’re also super healthy! Healthy dessert recipes, in fact, are a specialty of mine. Try these sugar free dessert recipes for breakfast, an afternoon snack or for an after-dinner treat!

I create my easy desserts using fresh, whole, unprocessed ingredients.

No refined sugar or dairy products are necessary. That’s right, these delicious treats are all made fromsugar free dessert recipes! You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to maintain a healthy diet while indulging your sweet tooth with guilt-free dessert recipes that take mere minutes to make…

Healthy Dessert Recipes:

Super Healthy Chocolate Mousse
100% Guilt Free Chocolate Mousse Parfait
Fat Free Banana Ice Cream
Fat Free Blueberry Ice Cream
Strawberry Date Ice Cream
3-Minute Banana Pudding
Fat Free Mango Ice Cream
Strawberry Coconut Ice Cream
Banana Date Ice Cream
Chocolate Banana Ice Cream
Strawberry Banana Cashew Creme Parfait
Passion Fruit Ice Cream
Sweet Juicy Fruits

Don’t miss my gallery of fantastically easy fruit smoothie recipes at the bottom of this page!

Whipping up homemade simple desserts in my kitchen is a favorite past time.

My healthy dessert recipes are SO healthy that you can even enjoy them for breakfast!

Like my Strawberry Date Ice Cream:

strawberry dessert recipe

strawberry dessert recipe

And my Super Healthy Chocolate Mousse:

Healthy Chocolate Mousse recipe ingredients

Healthy Chocolate Mousse recipe ingredients

And my Fat Free Mango Ice Cream:

mango dessert recipes

mango dessert recipes

Eating healthy doesn’t mean eating tasteless, uninspired recipes!

Fresh, unrefined foods are bursting with natural flavors. Designing my healthy dessert recipes around them is how I avoid using the sugary, fatty junk you’ll find in most desserts.

The solution is right here! Try my sugar free dessert recipes today. Have one for a delicious afternoon snack to combat junk food cravings, or for an after-dinner treat (my personal favorite time). Trust me, you’re not going to miss the cookies and the cake one bit!


I strongly believe that you can have easy desserts every day and still be a healthy eating rock star!

Be sure to click any picture below to link to my Easy Healthy Smoothies gallery. If you like my easy desserts, I know you’ll love my fruit smoothie recipes! Bon Appetit!

100% Natural and Super Healthy Smoothie Recipes:

Easy Fruit Smoothie Recipes:

Do you have a powerful blender?

If you want to make homemade desserts and other delicioushealthy recipes like fruit smoothies, salad dressings and saucesa part of your everyday diet, then you’re going to want to invest in a REAL BLENDER!!!

I cannot more highly recommend the Vita-mix blender. It’s an investment of money, but I can honestly say it’s worth every penny. Finally giving up those cheap blenders and getting a Vita-mix professional blender was, for me, like getting out of a twenty year old pickup truck and sliding behind the wheel of a BMW! One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

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