How to make Easter Cookies – Easy Cookie Recipes

Easter Cookie Recipes: Express Our Life in Sweet Cookie

When Easter day comes, everyone enjoys their life and thanks to God sincerely. In that day, people share their happiness with precious present. We can find special cookie that is called Easter cookie. This cookie is provided by Easter cookie recipes.

Although it’s not officially cookie for Easter, people do not bother about it. The important thing is cookie as same as other food become our custom. Every parts of world have their own cookie recipe that had been passed down for generations. The main purpose of Easter cookie is life expression and thankfulness to God.

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There is cookie for Easter that is called sweet sugar Easter cookie. The main ingredients are slightly similar with common cookie. However, in this special Easter cookie recipes, we make it sweeter. The ingredients consist of flour, butter, eggs, baking powder, vanilla, sugars, salt, and milk.

ingredients of halloween cookie recipes

ingredients of easter cookie recipes

For people who have diabetes or sugar dietary, you can use low sugar. Beside ingredients, cooking utensils should be in good condition. To make the process completely good, utensils are specifically for cookie making.

How to make it :

  1. First step to make Easter cookie is that all of ingredients should be mixed together. We put sugar, flour, and eggs on bowl and stir them into dough. Moreover, pour vanilla and baking powder in one and five teaspoons respectively. All of them have to be completely mixed. They become dough cookie.
  2. This step is a little difficult for first timers. You must carefully combine those ingredients.  Second, wait for 10 to 15 minutes.
  3. When we take cookie dough, it will look grease and rough. Waiting time let it stern and soft. While wait for it, we can prepare oven and baking tray. Cookie is made in small size.
  4. The last part is baking. Oven temperature is 175 Celsius. In five minutes, Easter cookie recipes transform to good cookie.
easter cookie recipes

easter cookie recipes

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