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One of the best things about a smoothie habit is the many options and variations that can be used in any recipe. If you look online you will find tens of thousands of these blends and instructions available, and there are hundreds of any possible fruit that you may prefer. This includes oranges, peaches, all types of berries, mango, pineapple, and any other variety that you may find in your area or that may be in season at the current time. Cranberries, grapes, bananas, and kiwi are just a few of the many options that you have, and the only limit is the imagination that you use in pairing up these items.



The health benefits a smoothie can offer are usually undisputed, and most people do not consume enough fresh fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. Meeting your nutritional and dietary goals does not have to be impossible, and these drinks can be a convenient way to get the diet that you want in a portable method that can be consumed quickly or taken on the go. When you create a beverage in this category you may find that not all of the ingredients are high on your lists of favorites. You can look for many recipes that use your top picks, or you can alter your usual recipe to include some new choices and different additions.

Adding pomegranate juice can perk up any smoothie, and the health benefits that are seen are incredible with this super food. Dark red cherry juice or the actual flesh will add a number of compounds that help fight inflammation, prevent disease, and minimize your risk of illness. Blueberry is another antioxidant-rich option that adds a lot of taste and texture to any recipe that you have chosen to follow no matter what ingredients are called for.

Adding low-fat or fat-free yogurt can add a creamy texture, and the live bacterial cultures will help improve your digestive system and overall well-being. This addition can make a complete breakfast beverage that is wholesome, filling, energizing, and very delicious. If calories are not a concern then whole milk or cream can be used instead, but these do not contain beneficial live bacteria cultures the same way that yogurt does. Some prefer to use juice or water as a liquid instead, and the fruits chosen can normally be frozen so that the amount of ice needed is minimized.

Coconut milk can also be added for a nice tropical twist that boosts the nutritional level and flavor combinations. Smoothies can be a great beverage choice, meal replacement, or healthy snack options. You can start your day right and get plenty of energy, vitamins, and minerals while you are on the move. The use of Styrofoam cups means that you can blend up breakfast and drink it during any commute or daily travel that you have. These can also be a great way to end a stressful day while relaxing or to get a pick me up in the middle as well.

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