How to Make Cream Cheese Cookies – Amazing Cookie Recipes

Everyone loves cookies, who doesn’t? Cookie is one the sweetest and best thing that everyone loves to enjoy. Cookie comes in many different tastes and styles. There are chocolate chips cookies, sugar cookies and many more.

What about cream cheese cookie? Have you tried one? Well, if you haven’t tried this one, this article will show you one of cream cheese cookie recipes that you can try to make at home. This recipe will absolutely be loved by your husband, your children, and the whole family. This recipe is also perfect for holidays, Christmas or even New Year. Let’s just take a look at this article for more details.

Amazing Cream Cheese Cookie Recipes

cream cheese cookie recipes

cream cheese cookie recipes

To start making one of these best cream cheese cookie recipes, all you need to do first is preparing all the ingredients. You will need :

  • two and a half cups of flour
  • one package of soft cream cheese
  • one cup of soft butter
  • one egg yolk
  • one cup of sugar
  • and a half teaspoon of vanilla extract

Instruction :

When the ingredients are ready,

  1. first you can start to move to the first step of cooking which is switch on the oven and set up to 325 degrees.
  2. Second, prepare your baking sheets and grease it with oil
  3. Third, in a bowl, add cream cheese, butter, and sugar. Mix it using electric mixer until smooth and light.
  4. Fourth, add vanilla extract and one egg yolk. Keep mixing.
  5. Fifth, add flour and mix until all the ingredients well combined
  6. Sixth, take a little of the dough using a spoon and drop it onto to the baking sheets
  7. Seventh, press down the dough. Don’t put much pressure on it so the dough won’t be too thin. You can use your thumb to press the dough or using candy or jelly that is also used as the topping as well
  8. Eight, put the baking sheet in the oven. Bake for fifteen minutes
  9. Ninth, let the cookies cool down

The finished cream cheese cookies should be looked pale. If you prefer, you can decorate this cookie with frosting to have a sweet look for one of the cream cheese cookie recipes.

For frosting itself, you can actually make it in your own. You will need some ingredients such as four tablespoons of lime juice, two cups of powdered sugar and four tablespoons of butter. Several steps to make the frosting are firstly prepare a bowl, add sugar and cream butter, and stir well. Second, add lime juice, keep stirring. Third, transfer the mixture into a plastic bag with the round tip. Cut off the tip. Fourth, you can start using this frosting to cake one of your best cream cheese cookie recipes to create an impressing and sweet look.

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