Cranberry Juice for The Health Of The Body

The study found that cranberry juice can prevent the SA-11 virus which can invade red blood cells or make the infection of host cells. Apparently, the virus is an SA cell culture when viewed under a microscope. Doctor Cohen says the effect can be directly felt by the drink. The doctor found that the proper dose is a dose of 1:16, and is quite effective.

Some Health Benefits of Cranberry Juice

Some Health Benefits of Cranberry Juice

To prove whether the effect it has to do with the pH of cranberry juice, they make look at the results of two experimental samples, one exposed to the virus cranberry juice, and other viruses exposed to the same amount of liquid with the same pH as cranberry juice.

Cohen also said in the one with the virus and cranberry juice, 100 percent decrease in transmission, but in one with a liquid with the same pH as cranberry juice, they only see 34 percent reduction. Which means that the pH is not a major factor and in addition, there are several other factors?

Cranberry Juice for Preventing Urinary Tract Infections

Studies elsewhere have found also that cranberry juice is very effective for preventing urinary tract infections because substances in the juice help to prevent adhesion of certain bacteria in the urinary tract wall. Dr. Prabhakar Swaroop is an assistant professor of internal medicine at St. Louis University Hospital, which in a new study “a very interesting study investigating the antiviral properties of cranberry juice.”

But he agrees further study is needed, especially about how research findings can be translated for use in everyday life. He also expressed and found that in clinical practice, rotavirus caused the self-limited diarrheal syndrome in infants and children, so it will be important to learn whether the program is shortened diarrhea after drinking cranberry juice. He also thinks that it is important that active ingredients that produce anti-viral activity are identified.

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