Cook Comfortably and Enjoy the Dinner

Those who want to prepare a last minute dinner will naturally rely on the easy recipes for dinner. An easy dinner is always made using the ingredients that are readily available in the kitchen cupboard. It can be a tasty single dish that is made of a handful of ingredients and the cooking time required will be 30 – 45 minutes only. There are a lot of recipes that ensure a satisfying meal at night but, will be a simple easy to make the dish. These recipes may require 6 – 7 ingredients only and one need not spend hours together in the kitchen to prepare the dinner. When the tasty and satisfying dinner is ready on the dining table in 45 minutes it is indeed a quick and easy dish to make.

The working women who like to spend more time in the evening with the family instead of being in the kitchen will always welcome the easy recipes for dinner. Also, for those who have very little time in the evening to prepare the dinner but, are very particular about a tasty home-made dish, the recipe for simple and easy dinner is the best solution. Apart from all these, the novice cook will certainly prefer the simple and easy recipe to follow at the fag-end of the day.

chicken spaghetti

chicken spaghetti

Simple and easy but, delicious and healthy

The easy recipes for dinner are the best solutions to the question, “what to make for today’s dinner?” Those who have very little time or not much cooking experience can easily satisfy the family members by following one of these recipes for a simple but tasty dinner. There are hundreds of recipes that ensure a tasty, simple and nutritious dinner dish just within 30 minutes. There are a lot of chicken recipes with a variety of flavors. The 30 minutes easy chicken recipes are for delicious home-cooked dinners that will satisfy all members of the family but, will not be a tough job in the kitchen. There are quick chicken recipes for every family. The easy recipes for dinner enable the wife, mother or the grandmother to provide fresh and satisfying meals to the husband, children or grandchildren using everyday ingredients and without spending much time inside the kitchen. Thousands of families enjoy their dinner that consists of a single but very tasty and rich dish that can be prepared very fast and need only those ingredients that are readily available.

Try the chicken spaghetti

Among the numerous easy recipes for dinner, the “chicken spaghetti” is very popular. About 5 – 6 chicken breasts without bones and skin, about 2 dozens of pepperoni slices and 6 – 7 mozzarella cheese slices are required to prepare this dish. After roasting each side of the chicken for 3 minutes in a greased skillet it is kept in a baking pan that is already sprayed with cooking spray. The pepperoni slices are spread over the chicken pieces and baked for 15 – 20 minutes at a temperature of 350 degrees F. After removing the pan from the oven the chicken pieces are topped with mozzarella slices and again baked till the cheese is melted. The chicken is served along with simple spaghetti sauce.

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