How to Use Chia Seeds for Weight Loss And Nutrition

The everlasting popularity of chia seeds is not without reason, for they are not very expensive, high in nutrition, and has a light flavor which makes it incorporable in a lot of dishes. Even though the calorie content of chia seeds is quite high, its content of omega-3 fatty acids makes up for it and that is why it is highly accepted in the world of diets for weight loss. Experimenting with chia seeds and incorporating them into your daily main meals or simply snacks should help you lose weight. As to how to use chia seeds for weight loss, remember that when you are using chia seeds you should only consume the ones that have been drained in some kind of liquid because eating the seeds when they are dry can cause you to choke on it.

chia seeds for weight loss

chia seeds for weight loss

The Basic Weight Loss

There is not a single food, the highly nutritious chia seeds included, that can determine your weight loss alone. In order for you to lose weight and do it healthily, you will have to follow a diet that is balanced and serves you less calorie than the amount that you burn every day. Only by that way will your body turn to its storage of fat for a source of energy. How much calories you need for every single day depends on a number of factors. This includes your body measurements such as height and weight, the level of activity that you do, age, and sex. The trial and error process may be necessary in order to find out how much calories you burn in your daily life. However, it is said that if you cut your intake of calories by 500 a day, you will be able to lose around a pound a week, and that is a safe amount to lose each week when you are on a journey of weight loss.

Chia seeds amount to 138 calories if you take an ounce as a serving. It is quite a lot considering it is almost a tenth of the total amount of calories you are allowed to take in each day when you are dieting. Even though it will be a significant addition to your intake of calories, you will get plenty of nutrition that balances it out. That is what makes chia seeds a worthy element to include in your diet.

Chia Is High In Fiber

Dietary fiber is highly packed with chia seeds, as in every ounce of chia seeds, about a third of it is dietary fiber. That amount is quite a significant contribution towards your intake goal of dietary fiber, which should range from about 20 to 37 grams each day, depending on how old you are and whether you are a man or a woman. Simply increasing the amount of fiber you eat each day is an excellent way to run weight loss program, according to Harvard Medical School. Of course, chia seeds increases your intake of fiber significantly.

The evidence available regarding chia seeds is quite conflicting in terms of its efficacy towards weight loss. Nutricion Hospitalaria published a study in 2014 which looked into chia flour and the effects of eating it every day for a span of 12 weeks. The result was that the participants in the study who consumed chia seeds lost a little more weight compared to those who did not. Their waist sizes also had a minor reduction, suggesting that chia seeds were a help in burning belly fat. Despite this, a study that was published by Nutrition Research earlier in 2009 provides contradicting results and says that chia seeds did not give any benefits towards weight loss. What can be taken from this is that you should not count on chia seeds as something magical to help you get rid of fat even though it has the nutrients that should help you lose weight.

Incorporate Chia Seeds In Your Breakfast

Having chia seeds as a part of the first meal you eat in the morning should help you lose weight. Eating breakfast is related to a better control of weight, and its benefits can be further improved by choosing a breakfast that is high in fibers. A breakfast that is high in fibers will help you prolong your satiety, leading you to stray far from the desire to snack for the rest of the morning. To include chia seeds in your breakfast, you can have oatmeal for breakfast and then stir in chia seeds when you are cooking it. If you have smoothies for breakfast, you can also add chia seeds to it. Adding chia seeds to your smoothie will make you feel more satiated from drinking it and the seeds also absorb water which makes your smoothie thicker and richer in taste, increasing your satisfaction of the drink. For both the oatmeal and the smoothie, you will only need about a spoonful of the seeds. If you have eggs that are made into an omelet or is simply scrambled for breakfast, then you may want to sprinkle it with ground chia. Combining chia seeds with banana puree and egg whites can also create what is called as chia pancakes for you, and it is a simple recipe as all you need is three ingredients.

Other Tips For Serving Chia

To help your journey in losing weight, you can include chia in your meals other than breakfast as well. If you are a dessert junkie, that you can make a chia pudding that is not only filling but healthy as well. This is done by mixing almond milk that is unsweetened with chia seeds that are whole until the mixture becomes thick and proceeds to form a gel. It should take about 3 to 5 minutes to make. Adding flavorings to them these chia puddings will give it variety. You can try adding cinnamon, banana puree, chopped strawberries, cacao, or apple spice to make the snack taste even more decadent. You can also simply include chia seeds in your drink by incorporating it into lemon water that is sparkling and ice cold.