Celery Juice Recipes to Lower Cholesterol

The Ability of Celery Juice Recipes to Lower Cholesterol

According to some researchers, you can make celery juice recipes to lower cholesterol. They said that by consuming 2 stalks of celery every day will be able to help to decrease the cholesterol level until seven times. This green vegetable is even able to stimulate bile acid secretion which takes responsibility in eliminating cholesterol from your body. Celery juice is healthy drink with rich nutrients that balances the pH value in the body which is usually identified to be acidic due to the consumption of excessively processed foods. Aside from these benefits, there are more benefits to knowing provide by this kind of juice.

fresh celery

fresh celery

The ability to help in lowering cholesterol level is becoming the highlight of benefit presented by celery juice. How does celery juice decrease the cholesterol? Laboratory studies showed that chemical compound known as butyl phthalide found in this vegetable has the ability to reduce bad cholesterol or LDL. In addition, some researchers from university even found that it can reduce cholesterol by seven times. You can achieve this benefit by eating two stalks of celery on daily basis. So, try to make celery juice recipes to lower cholesterol to get the healthier body. Besides, this juice is found to be able to help the digestion organ as well.

Various Combinations of Celery Juice Recipes to Lower Cholesterol

Celery Juice Recipes to Lower Cholesterol

Celery Juice Recipes to Lower Cholesterol

Combining Celery with Carrots and Green Apple

Having a high cholesterol level can be a subject that needs to be solved. Try to drink celery juice to help to lower your cholesterol level. For the first recipe, you should prepare:

  • 2 ribs of celery combined with 2 carrots
  • and 2 pieces of green apples.

To make celery juice,

  1. the first step, chop all celeries with the length about ½ up to ¾ to make them do not clog pulp ejector. Second, chop carrots into thinner pieces that will fit the opening.
  2. Third, chop all green apples as well into small pieces. Do not forget to remove the stem and seeds or based on your personal preference. If you like to not removing the stem and seeds, you can just chop the whole pieces.
  3. After that, put all ingredients you have prepared into the juicer. Blend them all properly to mix together. You can also add some watery vegetables such as cucumber that will provide more juice and help to dilute it.
celeri and carrot juice recipe

celery and carrot juice recipe

Combining Celery with Lemon

For the recipe of celery juice number two, you may change the flavor as the combination of celery juice taste. Things that you are going to use are:

  • 3 ribs of celery
  • 2 pieces of green apples
  • 1 slice of unpeeled lemon (since it is very hard to peel the skin, but it may not affect juice flavor too much without or with the peel), as well as 2 capsicums. The capsicums can be substituted with bell pepper, but it will have different look although the taste is same.

Combining Celery with Spinach

Another combination of celery juice is by juicing:

  • 4 of celery ribs
  • 3 apples
  • ½ unpeeled lemons
  • and ¼ thumbs of ginger
  • 1 peeled orange,
  • and a handful of spinach.

After that, chop them into small pieces that fit the juicer. For the spinach, it would be better to use the organic one. Since the spinach stems provide additional nutrients as well as more juice, you can choose to include them in your celery juice or just use its leaves. Then, blend them all using the juicer you have. It will have the pleasant flavor which is not too sweet with ginger taste and sourness from the lemon.

celery and spincah juice recipe

celery and spinach juice recipe

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