Celery Juice

Completeness is often a consequence of excess fluid in the body and then has to resort to drugs diuretic. In this issue may help the celery because it has a diuretic effect. This property noticed in ancient Greece, where physicians prescribed celery to lose weight. And thanks for the quick action and a good result celery leaves were placed on the triumphal arch and adorned them the winners of various contests and competitions.

Celery Juice Recipes to Lower Cholesterol

Celery Juice Recipes to Lower Cholesterol

In our time celery juice is used in the treatment of hydrocephalus difficulty urinating and bladder stones and kidney. Some healers prescribe juice and a salad of celery in the case of reduction of female and male potency. It is useful to use fresh, to preserve the integrity of the complex trace. Plus the use of celery that does not comply with the special treatment and limits the amount eaten – it is important to only consume more salads and various dishes of celery, or drink juice from it. The spicy flavor of this plant gives a piquant touch any vegetable dishes or salads, so this diet is not boring and fresh.

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The most important property of celery juice

The most important property of celery juice to get the result in losing weight the ability to rid the body of harmful substances. In addition, the flavonoids contained in abundance in these plants, promote normalization of the redox processes that lead to improvements in the whole organism. Some scientists say the ability of celery to the removal of radioactive elements from living tissue. Living organisms do not synthesize flavones, so it’s important to get them from food.

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Like all other plants, celery is rich in enzymes – enzymes that can help the digestion by the body. Without enzyme digestion impossible. Our body allocates enzymes in limited quantities, so when you receive them with food as if we are saving resources of the body, prolonging its youth. Therefore, the use of celery in the form of juice is very helpful.

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