Calories in an Orange

Truth about Orange Calories

If you are searching for the truth about orange calories, you would be surprised at the information that you would find. Apart from the low amount of orange calories, there are various other health benefits of consuming oranges regularly. Not only is orange regarded as the healthiest fruit which aids in various ways, it is also known to be a good fat burner. Orange is one of the famed negative calorie fruits and the orange calories are much lower than people might imagine. Further, its ability to assist in weight loss is another factor which makes it a winner amongst various other fruits. Some related facts and figures about orange calories and other health benefits are shared here, for your reference.

Calories in an Orange

Calories in an Orange

Orange Calories and the Negative Calorie Effect

Even though some people might imagine oranges to have a high amount of calories, it is not so. Ideally, oranges only have 62 calories per serving and this is considerably lower than various other fruits in its category. Further, orange juice calories are not high either and you can easily go for the orange juice whenever you find time. Another interesting aspect related to orange calories is the negative calorie effect. Now, the negative calorie effect is something quite interesting but it is a challenged theory which has seen a lot of criticism.

Basically, negative calorie foods are those which require a higher amount of calorie during digestion than what they provide and through the use of negative calorie foods, you can actually utilize the body fat in burning the calories required for digestion of the food. Basically, these are those foods which actually subtract the calories from you and this makes them essential for those who are looking at weight loss. In the same way, orange calories are considered to be negative and it is known that oranges can take away calories from the body.

Other Health Benefits of Oranges

Apart from the lower amount of orange calories, there are some other health benefits of oranges which are quite interesting. Oranges are known to be a good source of fiber and that is the reason why they aid in bowel movement and keeping the body fit. The high amount of vitamins and minerals give additional benefits to the oranges and make the negative effect of orange calories an even better option.

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