Calories in a Navel Orange

Finding the Calories in a Navel Orange

For finding the calories in a navel orange, you need to know about this species of the orange family. Basically, the navel orange is a hybrid between pomelo and mandarin and is known to be one of the most common grown fruits in the entire world. The navel orange is not meant for making orange juice and it is also known to have the lowest amount of orange calories in it. Even though it does not have too many orange calories, the health benefits of the fruit are huge and you can easily benefit from having the navel oranges regularly. Calories in navel orange are somewhere around 48 and the negative calorie effect is applicable in terms of navel oranges too. Due to this negative calorie effect, oranges are the most sought after fruits by obese people.

Calories in a Navel Orange

Calories in a Navel Orange

Navel Oranges Calories and Health Benefits

The navel oranges calories and health benefits have been a subject of much research some time back and the results have been amazing. Orange calories are quite less in this fruit and this makes it an ideal fruit for people who are on a weight loss diet. Apart from the entire orange calories and other such details, the various health benefits pertaining to oranges are quite interesting and tend to be extremely beneficial for everyone. Navel oranges are quite famous as an aid to the body immunity and they are known to prevent many ailments, like high cholesterol and some kinds of cancer. Oranges are known as a good source of fiber and they can be used effectively to increase the bowel movements in the body. Also, there is a concept of negative calorie food and this is totally applicable in the context of orange, as orange calories are quite low and fit enough to function as a negative calorie food.

Negative Navel Orange Calories

The negative navel orange calories theory is an interesting concept which has marked oranges as a negative calorie food. Since a number of orange calories are quite low, there has been a study which mentions that oranges require more calories to digest, than to eat. Thus, the extra amount of calories is taken from the body and the orange calories come out to be negative in total. This is the reason why calories in a navel orange are the best way of losing weight naturally.

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