Calories In a Banana

All About the Number of Calories in a Banana

The world today is a weight conscious society, and many determine what they will eat a number of calories the food contains, like the calories in a banana, as well as the total nutritional value of the food.  Bananas are one food item that can be considered to be one of the healthiest fruits when all its benefits are taken into consideration.  The myth that the calories in a banana can be fattening is untrue.

calories in a banana

calories in a banana

A number of calories in a banana will depend on the size of the fruit selected.  Ranging between 75 calories for a banana less than 6″ in length to 140 calories for a larger banana more than 9″ in length, this fruit can certainly be deemed to be within the realm of a healthy and nutritious snack.  While the caloric count is good news, even better are the overall values:  low in both sodium and fat, high in potassium and magnesium and an excellent form of fiber intake.

Bananas also contain vitamin A, each of the B’s, vitamins C and B6, magnesium, thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin.   With such a boastful resume of benefits, the calories in a banana can be almost considered of no consequence in dietary terms.

A banana can also be thought of as a medicinal fruit, further negating any dissension of the calories in a banana.  Vitamin B6 is known to be helpful in relieving premenstrual symptoms in women naturally, and bananas pack a powerful Vitamin B and B6 punch.  They are also ideal for helping to soothe an upset stomach, and warding off potential leg cramps which can be caused by a low level of potassium in the body.

A perfect fruit for any age, the calories in a banana can be thought of as being necessary calories.  Providing energy through the carbohydrates contained within the firm white flesh, a banana can assist in keeping on the go children and teens energized when packed in lunches for an afternoon snack.  Adults tend to have decreasing metabolisms as they age; the increase of their consumption of bananas to one per day will provide the energy needed to boost a sagging metabolism.  Anyone who exercises on regular basis knows the importance of lean protein in their diets to help repair and build muscles, and bananas offer part of the protein necessary in a diet.

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Taking all of these benefits of the fruit into consideration should make the question of calories in a banana-less important.  Rather than concentrating on whether or not a banana can make you fat, the better plan would be to focus on the banana’s nutritional value and its benefits for the body.  Young or old, anyone can derive healthful effects from consuming this fruit, despite a number of calories in a banana.

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