Best Way to Cook Salmon without any Complex Ingredients

There is no one who does not like to eat salmon. It is a kind of fish that carries incredible nutrition. The nutrition that is contained in salmon is not only useful for the adult. It is so perfect for supplying nutrition of the baby and even kids.

Best way to cook salmon will help you to release the most appropriate menu that uses salmon as its main ingredients. The way of releasing salmon menu should be done carefully so that the original taste, the nutrition and even its texture can be kept well and enjoyed properly by everyone who eats the food.

Best Way to Cook Salmon without any Complex Ingredients

best ways to cook salmon

best ways to cook salmon

Many complex and high class recipes are available to make the salmon into a new form of food. However, some people tend to hunt the best way to cook salmon which is simple, easy and contains some daily ingredients. It is all that the people need. So, it will not be wrong if you choose the Pan-fried salmon as the answer.

It is the food that need for about 27 minutes of cooking time. This time is separated for 10 minutes of preparation, 10 minutes of inactive cooking and 7 minutes of active cooking. This is one of the easy ways to release delicious salmon.

  • First, you have to prepare all the ingredients that are needed. It contains 5 ounces of salmon fillets that has been centered cut. This kind of salmon has for about 1 inches of thickness. It is optional to let the skin on or off.
  • Next, prepare your 2 table spoon of olive oil and kosher salt as well as the fresh ground black pepper instead. To give best finishing, you can prepare honey mustard, mesclun greens and mashed potatoes also. To go into the detailed steps, here are some main directions of making best way to cook salmon.

Directions of making best way to cook salmon :

  1. Bring the fish into the salt and pepper and season it off. You can raise the salmon into higher temperature in order to fasten the seasoning time.
  2. After that, place salmon to be skin side up to make it visualize. After it is done, you have to flip it up after the color is changed into brown. All the time to do this is takes about 4 minutes. When it feels firm, you can bring it out from the stove.
  3. Next, you can remove the skin and serve it with the proper finish before place this best way to cook salmon to the beautiful plate.

best way to cook salmon

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