Beat the munchies with an orange!

Oranges have gained respectability and have reached their pinnacle of popularity. There can be scarcely anyone alive who does not recognize or know what an orange is. In fact, most people also know that oranges contain vitamin C. If you were to survey 100 people and ask them to name a fruit that contains vitamin C, the majority would answer orange. Such is the power of advertisement, even though there are other fruits that have a higher vitamin C content.

A large orange contains around 86 calories. Considering the daily intake for a woman on a diet is usually restricted to 1000 calories per day; that is quite high for one item of food if your diet is based on calorific values. However, a small amount of exercise will ensure the calories are soon worked more calories in an orange.

Calories in an Orange

Calories in an Orange

Not only are oranges a great source of vitamins and fat-busting juice, but they also smell great too. That wonderful pungent aroma gets the digestive juices flowing even before the peeling has been completed. The overall experience of eating oranges can be tantalizing to all your senses. Okay, so we’ll skip the messy hands when the juice runs all over them! Once you smell the orange your mouth starts to water and your taste buds can’t wait to get started.

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Oranges can be a little acidic so if you suffer from stomach acid or problems like that, then it is a good idea to choose another fruit to add to your daily diet instead. There is little point in aggravating old problems when your main concern is to promote health and vitality. You can just as easily add a different fruit which will give you the same great benefits but poses no issues to your stomach.

If you are the type of person that snacks between meals and let’s face it many of us do, then you can do little better than to snack on a piece of fruit. The great thing about oranges is you can divide it up so you don’t eat it all at once. That way you can have lots of little snacks throughout your day for that added little energy boost. It will also stop your cravings for sugar too. If you do decide to divide your orange up into segments, then make sure you keep it fresh by sealing the segments in a Tupperware plastic box or covering with Clingfilm to keep the freshness. There is nothing worse than a dried out piece of orange to get you reaching for the choccie bar!