Banana Facts You May Not Know

Everyone knows that bananas are terrific and delicious to eat as a snack, but there are other banana facts you may not know about.  What other facts linger behind that sunny yellow, smooth textured skin?  This modest fruit is often taken for granted as being just another fruit in the basket; there are actually some very interesting banana facts that may make you think before you take your next bite.

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Bananas are the most popular fruit import of the world.  Primary importers have developed countries, while main producers are undeveloped countries.  Over half of the total banana production originates from exotic, tropical areas such as Brazil and India, China and Ecuador, although they may not necessary represent those countries leading in exporting the fruit.   Ecuador and Costa Rica are leading exporters of the banana, facts supported by FAO reports.  Many Caribbean countries that produce bananas, like St. Lucia and Grenada, depend largely upon the export of bananas for their economy.

The banana, facts show, comprises a large percentage of the sustenance for many developing countries.  Due to the warm, humid climates of South America and Asia, bananas grow abundantly in these areas, making them a dietary staple for the people of the area.  Wheat, rice, corn and bananas are included in the meal selections for many of these countries.

Add banana facts: The small town of Gabon, Nigeria has very close proximity to the sauna-like atmosphere of the rain forest, where banana plants grow in great profusion.  Oddly enough, visitors shopping within the town will be hard put to find a single banana on store shelves for purchase.  The reason?  Gabon has, in addition to abundant supplies of bananas, vast and rich oil reserves which are so lucrative that no one is motivated to expend the effort to harvest bananas.

Some banana facts may seem evident, yet many people are unaware of them.  For instance, there are dessert bananas and cooking bananas.  Dessert or sweet bananas have a high sugar count and are high in potassium and carbohydrates while remaining low in calories, fat, and sodium.  Cooking bananas, or plantains, are those which have a starchy content and are prepared by boiling, frying or grinding into flour.

Australia is the only country that is self-sufficient in banana production.  The tropical region of North Queensland and the sub-tropical area of New South Wales have ideal conditions for growing the fruit.  There are no exports of the banana; facts show that the import of bananas is not allowed due to the quarantine regulations in place for Australia.

The next time you are preparing to bite into that sweet, white flesh, perhaps you’ll think of these banana facts and marvel at the humble fruit with a long story.  Or maybe not; it could be that you will simply just enjoy it.

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