Apple Juice Nutrition Facts

Apple juice nutrition facts are a very long list then it’s going to take more than a day for me to write it on. Apples, which is origin from Central Asia, is a fruit contained very rich anti-oxidants and absolutely good and beneficial for our health. Today, Apples has grown all over the world and become one of most popular fruit besides oranges. People on various ages, old people to infants just love apples. And just for your information, United States of America is now the second highest producer of apples. The question is, even so, popular among people, what do we know about apple juice nutrition facts?

Apple juice liver cleanse

Apple juice liver cleanse

The first thing we should know about apple juice nutrition facts is apple don’t have any cholesterol. Isn’t it amazing how you can eat something without thinks and worries about cholesterol? The second miracle of apple juice nutrition facts that common people probably already know is the fact that an apple contains 4 gram of fibers. Imagine how many fibers that you can get a glass of apple juice? As we all know, fiber is very good to help regulate bowel movements. By consuming apple juice regularly, you can avoid constipation, hemorrhoids, and diverticulitis! Only from these two of apple juice nutrition facts, it is more than enough to make this fruit juice become very popular among people on diets and athletes.

Many doctor and scientist have long recognized the health benefits of apples and apple juice nutrition facts and has recommended to the general people. Apples which are very low in saturated fat and zero cholesterol; it is combined with the fact that apples also low in sodium, making it a very healthy fruit. Let’s take a look at apple juice nutrition facts table below to know more about calories apple juice before we continue to the benefits of apple juice.

Sodium7 mg
Vitamin C172%

After a short review of the table, we can continue deeper to apple juice nutrition facts. To improve the health of your heart is one of apple nutrition juice facts. Apple known has polyphenols which are very good for the human heart. And why is that? It is because polyphenols, together with flavonoids are extremely great antioxidants. Consuming apple juice very beneficial to moderate cardiovascular and promote good heart. Now you can see by yourself, how drinking apple juice can help older people’s health and protect them from a heart attack.

The last thing that not everyone knows yet about apple juice nutrition facts is, actually, drinking apple juice can help you to prevent asthma. Apple, as I mentioned earlier, contains flavonoids, derived from phloridzin (a type of flavonoids), which has been known to prevent asthma attacks. Flavonoids also are widely known in medicine world can help to strengthen your lungs and lung function. In some experiments by the scientist, it is proven that children who drank apple juice on a regular basis have a lung function much better than kids who do not consume apple also best apple for juicing.

For all these healthy reasons that I wrote above, I think we all now can agree how important and urgently to know and share what are apple juice nutrition facts.

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