Apple Diet – Are Apples Good for Weight Loss ?

All about the Short Term Apple Diet

A short-term apple diet is a type of fast that dieters use in order to either lose weight or detoxify.  The idea behind it is a simple one: keep negative agents from entering the body as you would in a regular fast, but continue to supply the body with a small amount of nutrition to take some of the edges off the hunger pains.

Preparing for an Apple Diet

Before you begin an apple diet, you should be in good health.  If you are coming down with a cold, have some kind of a disorder that affects your immune system, or have recently recovered from some kind of trauma (such as a surgery, for example),  this may not be a good time to enter into any kind of diet that involves fasting.  If you have any concerns, be sure to check with your physician before you begin your apple diet.

Before you begin, you need to prepare your body by slowly reducing the number of your calories in the days leading up to your fast.  Forty-eight hours before hand, start cutting down on a number of calories you take in.  An easy way to do this is to eliminate one of your three daily meals two days before you begin and eliminate two meals the day before.  Be sure you also eliminate any extra snacks in between meals as well.  For example, you might eliminate lunch two days before, and breakfast and lunch the day before…[Read more Calories in an apple]

Apple Calorie Count

Apple Calorie Count


Make sure that you avoid the temptation to have a big final supper the night before your fast.  This will just make your transition into your fast much tougher.  Eat normal-sized meals.  Don’t change portion sizes either up or down.

The Fast

Be sure that you plan your fast days carefully.  You will need one full week: two days to prepare for fasting, three days of fast, and two days to recover.  The most difficult days are the first two days of your fast (days 3-4).  If you have a major test or assignment during that week, this may not be a good time to begin your apple fast.  Remember that you will feel much weaker during this period than you normally will, so trying to keep up with your regular activities may be extra difficult.

Along the same lines, you should continue to exercise, but make sure that you keep your sessions light.  Exercising helps you not only burn fat but also sweat out toxins.  If you feel lightheaded or otherwise unwell, be sure to call it a day.

Most apple diets involve three apples a day at the regular times when you would have meals.  Make sure they are substantial apples, not those little ones that won’t really give you the full apple experience.  If you do use the little apples, you might take two of them at each meal instead.

Traditionally people only drink water with their apple diet.  This is, generally speaking, the most effective way to do it either for weight loss or detoxification purposes.  However, some people like to add apple juice or cider to their meals just to get an extra flavor in.  Some people also use other juices and smoothies.[See also Best apples for juicing]  This is certainly okay so long as you do not add sodas or coffee, both of which will give you extra sugars and caffeine.  To get the full effect of the detoxification, however, you are best sticking to water.  Similarly, the more juices you have the more calories you will add and the less of a weight loss effect you will get…[Read more Best Fruits for weight loss]

When you are done with your fast, you should only slowly ease yourself back into your regular calorie intake in the reverse fashion of how you started your fast.  Don’t overwhelm your system right away.

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A successful apple diet will not only help you lose weight but can clear your system out of harmful toxins.  It is no substitute, however, for a balanced diet and exercise although apples can be a great part of your regular diet as well.