6 Simple Steps to make a smoothie

When asking yourself “how to make a smoothie” there are 6 simple steps to follow.

  1. Experiment – Really let your taste buds be your guild. Because the flavor of fruit can differ so greatly between the fresh apple picked from your own tree to the apple bought at your local grocer that came from Mexico there is no firm rule. So let your taste bud be your guide.
  2. Consistency – Consistency will depend a lot on the blender you use. Here we recommend the Vita-Mix blender because of its ability to completely shred and break down even the toughest ingredients.In the end, if the smoothie is too thick just add a little bit more liquid such as water or milk or if it’s too thin more frozen ingredients such as frozen fruit, ice-cream, yogurt or ice.
  3. Texture – This is all about what you like. If seeds bother you then strain the seeds or if you like a smoother smoothie than use crushed rather than cubed ice. (If you use a high-powered blender like the Vita-Mix you won’t notice the seeds and the type of ice won’t matter because of Vita-mix’s power)
  4. Taste – Once again this really is the reason you’re making a smoothie in the first place – so enjoy it. If your smoothie is a bit tart add just a bit of juice, honey or agave syrup. If your smoothie is a bit sweet, add some mike, plain yogurt or ice.
  5. Substitute – If when making a recipe you’re missing an ingredient – don’t fret it “substitute” is the word of the day. If it asks for apple juice and you have none, use any type of juice you have or use milk or water and a little sweetener. If missing one of the fruit ingredients experiment with another fresh or canned fruit, or just leave that one out.
  6. Timing – Always serve a smoothie as soon as you finish making it. If you wait for very long the smoothie will become runny or the flavors will change especially when using greens in a green smoothie.

Drink to your health! When learning how to make a smoothie you’ll find the healthiest ones will always be those that use fresh fruits and vegetables.Make sure and take advantage of those recipes on a daily basis.

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