Top 5 Health Benefits of Mango Juice

Before you find out mango juice benefits, let us know the characteristics of mango fruit itself. Mango tree growing from the flowering in July-August and harvested in September-December. The fiber in mangoes about 1.8 percent and this gives the requirement that a more than adequate for the human body. Why fiber? It’s because Dietary fiber has a physiological role of the intestine. Lack of fiber consumption can cause degenerative diseases, such as atherosclerosis (blocked arteries), heart coroner, diabetes mellitus, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and colon cancer.

Many of the benefits of mango juice that we can get when taking it as a rich variety of mango photochemical and nutrients. This fruit contains a prebiotic dietary fiber, vitamin C, polyphenols, and carotenoids provitamin A. Mangoes contain essential vitamins and minerals from food. Antioxidant vitamins A (25%), C (76%), and E (9%), Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine, 11%), Vitamin K (9%) based on the Dietary Reference Intake of 165 grams in a serving.

benefits of mango juice

benefits of mango juice

Mango juice contains potassium which benefits to reduce the risk of stroke

Mango juice consumption rich in potassium can reduce the effects of sodium in increasing blood pressure, and are free to contribute to the decreased risk of stroke. One study showed that adding one piece of fruit that has high potassium levels can prevent fatal stroke by 40%. Extra potassium consumption of 400 mg per day may reduce the likelihood of heart disease and blood vessels. Every 100 grams of mango contained potassium at 189 mg.

Benefits of antioxidants in mango juice as anticancer

100 fresh mango juice containing 82% water, 41 mg vitamin C, beta carotene, potassium and energy / calories by 73 cal per 100 grams. This energy comes from carbohydrates in the form of sugar that makes sense of sweet mango juice. Benefits of vitamin C and beta-carotene in mango juice are an antioxidant that may protect the body from cancer. Because it can neutralize free radicals which are unstable molecules produced by the body’s normal chemical processes, solar and cosmic radiation as well as from cigarette smoke and other environmental influences.

Mango contains antioxidant known as beta-cryptoxanthin. The women can take advantage of mango juice in increasing beta-cryptoxanthin intake when dieting to protect against cervical cancer types. Mangoes are rich in this antioxidant pigment can be useful to increase the activity of natural killer cells in the body against viruses and tumors.

Benefits of Vitamin C on mango juice to maintain healthy teeth and gums

In every 100 grams of ripe mango contains 41 mg of vitamin C, while for young mango supply more than 65 mg. By eating 150 grams of ripe mango provide adequate vitamin C is beneficial for adult men and women per day. In addition to functioning as an antioxidant, vitamin C has a function is to maintain and preserve the health of capillaries, healthy teeth and gums. Vitamin C is useful to help absorption of iron and can inhibit the production of nitrosamines, cancer-triggering substances. Vitamin C is contained in the mango juice is also beneficial to accelerate wound healing.

Benefits of Magnesium to maintain lung health contained in mango juice

Magnesium can relax the lung muscles, and relaxing muscles and helps control the body’s chemical balance. Magnesium is found in bone, play an Important role in preventing loss of Bones and preventing platelet clumping. Magnesium deficiency can cause disruption of the body’s metabolism.
In addition to the benefits of mango juice on top, another benefit that is obtained when we eat fiber-rich juices of food are as follows:

  • Helps control weight by slowing the rise of hunger.
  • Gives a feeling full longer
  • Slowing the speed of digestion in the intestine so that the flow of energy to a growing body
  • Slowing the absorption of glucose and thus require less insulin to convert glucose into energy
  • Binding of bile acids
  • Tying in fat and cholesterol, and then removing it via the feces.
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Improving the health of the digestive tract by increasing the motility or movement of the colon.
  • Streamlining defecation
  • Reduce the risk of hemorrhoids, diverticulosis, and colon cancer.

There are many benefits that can be from 100% mango juice. Right now we already find out mango juice benefits, hopefully, can be useful for you all.

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