100% Healthy Fruit Juice, Read This! Before You Make Your Own Juice

There are many ways you can do to live healthily. One of them is with a lot of consumption of fruit juice. Amid the routine of modern life today, we are too busy doing aerobics regularly. So that increases calorie and every day we see the fact that our weight continues to grow up. I feel this every day, eat foods full of calories coupled with a lack of intake of fruits and vegetables, then come home with a sense of fatigue and earlier through the city streets are full of toxic pollution, here I also need antioxidants as detoxification to maintain the body’s immunity and health me.

Finally, I found a way to maintain the health of my body by drinking juice every day at least twice a week. An unbalanced lifestyle that I live lately, I am opposed to drinking 100% fruit juice per day. In a glass of juice contains vitamins and minerals that our body needs. Many ways to find the fruit juice, such as in shopping centers there are various flavors and brands of juice, or you can make their own fruit juice, starting with making tomato fruit juice” as I do when no time to buy. There are many books on fruit juices recipes, and maybe you can try one of them.

Do you know the contents and benefits of fruit juice? There are so many vitamins and nutrients that we’ll get a glass of juice. There are many types of fruits so that we can also generate a variety of juice, depending on the needs and certainly our pleasure on several types of fruit. Each fruit has different content and some benefits of 100% fruit juice is to prevent premature aging, antioxidants, accelerate the healing process, providing a balance of calorie intake is excessive because some vitamins are contained in fruit juice to burn fat so that the lower cholesterol levels, relieve acne, improve digestion, prevent cancer, increase endurance, low blood pressure etc. So, that’s all of you who decide to stay choose fruit juice right that you like and of course to solve problems you face.

Consumption of 100% fruit juice each day is a healthy lifestyle, inexpensive and simple. Since you can maintain health with balanced nutrition that our body needs and fruit juices are available everywhere or you yourself can make fruit juice you want. Okay, if you still wonder why fruit juice? It’s because the fruits contained a nutritional benefit to replace food such as meat.

Fruit Juice, Read This! Before You Make Your Own Juice

Fruit Juice, Read This! Before You Make Your Own Juice

Let’s go deeper to understand the benefits of 100% fruit juice that can be seen the following explanation:

Apples Fruit Juices
Mineral nutrients, a high pectin, acid oxalic will create a unique combination which then safely moves the intestines to “release” the deposition of dirt from the large intestine, which has long dwelt there. The importance of nutritional substances especially pectin contained in apples also may reduce cholesterol and triglycerides. Apple juice is beneficial for digestion, heart disease, cleanse the toxins in the gut, stabilize blood pressure, and reducing excessive appetite.

Avocado Fruit Juice
Contains oils and fats those are useful for providing energy in our body. Another benefit of avocado fruit juice others is to flex its muscles and joints eliminate excessive cholesterol, skin tightening face for you who cares about skin care, prevent anemia (anemia) and accelerate generate red blood cells.

Banana fruit juice
Useful to prevent disruption of the intestine, protecting the stomach from ulcers. Bananas are very gentle so you do not need to make a banana juice, but it all depends on your taste.Cantaloupe fruit juice
Rich in nutrients such as magnesium, zinc and chrome, pro-vitamin A, beta-carotene, etc. Similar to banana juice, cantaloupe fruit juice can prevent us from disturbance of gastric inflammation and injury to the intestinal tissue. Cantaloupe fruit can absorb the remains of undigested food waste properly because eating in a hurry with nutrients such as enzymes and natural sugars. To avoid interference colitis or stomach, you also have to keep eating the way you like when chewing food well and do not eat many foods that have excessive seasoning.see also Cantaloupe Smoothie

Citrus Fruit Juice
It seems to juice this one has a lot to know that in it a lot of Vitamin C contained a very powerful way to prevent influenza, keeping the immune system, cleanses the liver, is useful to cure a sore throat. Other benefits of orange juice are for us to minimize the risk of heart disease or stroke.

Dates Fruit Juice
Dates are popular with the high nutrient that produces energy. Date palm fruit consists of several types that determine the quality of the fruit itself. The benefits of this fruit can accelerate wound healing. But fruit juice is not recommended for those who suffer from diabetes, you need to know the dose usage.

Mango Juice
Have a high carbohydrate enzymes and nutrients and work well to treat inflammation, fever and facilitate digestive problems. In addition, this juice also can prevent dehydration, rejuvenate blood cells, and contain a disinfectant that can clean and expedite the flow of blood circulation. It’s almost the same with papaya juice in which the fruit is useful to aid digestion and cope with abdominal pain.

Pear Fruit Juice
Excessive acid levels can create discomfort and nausea especially after eating spicy foods and high fat, with a mixture of a little lemon juice or apple pear, is ready to serve with the benefits and taste tasteful.

Pineapple Fruit Juice
For those of you who are always exposed ulcer disease, pineapple juice is very good for consumption because they contain nutrients called bromelain enzymes that can eliminate ulcers.

Pomegranate Fruit Juice
If you know the benefits of this juice, you will no longer bad breath, because this juice can protect us from the mouth and teeth do not cause odor-causing bacteria or infection in the tooth. This juice also can help create a sound so good because of all the problems that exist in the throat can be cleaned with pomegranate juice. In addition, the juice is beneficial to kill and remove worms that can harm our bodies. The greatest benefit of the existing nutrients in pomegranates is to gradually erode cancer.

Juice Fruit Tomatoes
The first juice I made the tomato juice because it is very easy to make, sometimes I make it without the juice maker. Functions that can make glycogen in the liver, found that nutrients are available in tomato juice can launch the liver function so that we can wake up stamina with regular consumption of tomato juice. This juice can help our children to grow appetite. And stimulates the flow of saliva can digest food properly. The main function of tomato juice is to improve sexual stamina, stimulates the gall bladder and liver function is stable and making sugar levels and blood.

Watermelon Fruit Juice
We sometimes neglect attention to the food we eat, too much fatty food and drinking soft drinks, leaving the acid in our stomach, to reduce and eliminate these harmful acids that can be done by drinking watermelon juice on a regular basis. This juice also can keep blood sugar levels in our so very good for pre-diabetics. Drink watermelon juice on a regular basis can also eliminate urea toxins.

Longan fruit juice
This juice is very good for their consumption only just recovered from illness, or pregnant women and after childbirth. Longan juice is very good for those who have the problem of poor appetite and anemia. Drinking this juice with the proper dosage because if excessive will actually make the body into heat. Nutrients contained in this fruit are: proteins, tartaric acid, sucrose, fat, vitamins A & B, and glucose.

Carambola Fruit Juice
Star fruit juice has similar benefits of pomegranate juice can prevent infection in the mouth and throat, lowers blood pressure, prevent canker sores and if you consume this fruit juice mixed with honey it can prevent kidney disease or bladder stones.

Lychee Fruit Juice
Of all the nutrients contained in fruit juice lychee, the most dominant is that high glucose and sucrose. Lychee fruit is useful when consumption in the night because it can produce energy reserves that can be used for next day’s activities.

Coconut Juice
As with lychee fruit juice, coconut water also contains nutrients such as sucrose and glucose but there’s one more substance that is fructose. Coconut is a fruit that is unique because nearly every part contributes a great benefit such as the pulp of the coconut which also contains fat, coconut oil, vegetable, vitamins, and proteins. Coconut water is very suitable drink during the day because it can eliminate the swelter, neutralize toxins and eliminate the feeling of thirst, very good consumed by diabetics. But remember! All there is a limit excessive consumption of coconut water will cause a sense of weakness for some time. If you have a bone disorder pain I recommend not drinking coconut water.

Carrots Fruit Juice
Fruit juice is consumed to maintain good eye health, and also useful for inhibiting the aging and proven to increase passion couples.

Guava Fruit Juice
This juice can treat thrush, build strong bones and lower cholesterol. I believe and indeed proven that the guava juice is rich in nutrients more vitamin C than citrus fruit.

Strawberry Fruit Juice
Strawberry juice in addition to delicious and refreshing taste that can relieve joint pain, lowers cholesterol and is very well taken for those who suffer from urinary tract disorders.

Okay, we’ve studied and understood the benefits of 100% fruit juice, to make our own fruit juice adjust only with our needs. Consumption of juice every day is one smart way to keep a healthy life because to get this juice is very cheap even we can make it. We may not have a problem with it, but what if we forget to drink juice on a regular basis? It’s because this is the main problem. Okay, from now maybe you can ask you are a close friend to remind you or to always provide fruit juice every day for you.