10 Facts about Banana Nutrition

There are fewer perfect foods in the world than the banana, nutrition packed.  Many people just view it as a handy snack, a curved, yellow fruit that is simply peeling and enjoy.  There is actually more to a banana than meets the eye.  And, as pleasing to the eye as it may be, banana nutrition is much more than skin deep.

calories in a banana

calories in a banana

Most commonly, bananas are simply eaten as is.  People all over the world enjoy this fruit without giving any thought whatsoever as to the value of banana nutrition.  Here are 10 facts that may surprise people about banana nutrition:

  1. The caloric count of bananas is actually quite low.  A small 6″ banana contains approximately 75 calories, whereas a larger, 9” banana has around 140 calories. see more calories in a banana.
  2. Bananas have virtually no sodium.  With many diets restricted to very low sodium intake, this fact can be an important one.
  3. When it comes to fat content, bananas weigh in on the low side of the scale.  A large banana may contain .07 grams of total fat, while a small one has only .04 grams.  Either way, the fat count is negligible when considering that of most snack foods.
  4. Vitamins are a key element to banana nutrition.  Containing vitamins A, all of the B’s, B6, vitamin C, bananas provide a wide spectrum of your daily requirements.
  5. Minerals are also an important aspect of your diet, and the banana does not fall short here either.  Potassium, thiamine, riboflavin, magnesium, iron and zinc are all components adding to banana nutrition.
  6. Bananas are good for what ails you in several respects.  Adding a potassium rich banana to your daily diet can be a significant step to reducing blood pressure, leg cramps and to promote healthy calcium.  This fruit also helps with stomach upsets; tests have shown that bananas help with the absorption of nutrients in cases of diarrhea, speeding up recovery.
  7. Banana nutrition would not be complete without mentioning carbohydrates and protein.  Consuming carbohydrates equates to increasing energy and metabolism.  Protein is necessary for building muscle, healthy blood, tissue and skin.  Nutritional guidelines recommend 5-7 ounces of lean protein; bananas supply 3% of the daily recommended value.
  8. Bananas contain no cholesterol.see the facts here banana health facts
  9. Consider that 13% of a recommended daily value for dietary fiber is obtained through eating just one large banana; nutrition guidelines recommend between 21 and 38 grams.
  10. When it comes to a banana, nutrition couldn’t be more diversified.  Raw, cooked, as the dessert or as the main course, dried as a chip or ground into flour, they are an all-around food.

The next time you peel a banana, nutrition may come to mind now that you are aware of the facts.
You will enjoy not just the delicious flavor, but all of the benefits as well.